Your hygge-obsession is weird and misunderstood, please stop


Being Scandinavian has develop into a somewhat weird revel in. In the span of simply a few years, we’ve long past from being a reasonably unknown crew of shy other folks from a tiny, chilly, darkish nook of the arena to being hyper-visible and feeling like our tradition is being fetishised.

I am Danish, born and bread, however am now dwelling in London, the place I have witnessed this interest firsthand. 

Over right here, we Scandis are the thing of a lot envy. But no longer for the most obvious causes — like our top high quality of lifestyles, our equality and even the truth that we’ve equipped like a 3rd of the solid of Game of Thrones at this level. No, it’s for small facets of our tradition that a crew of promoting executives someplace noticed are compatible to export and aggressively marketplace as one thing that is frankly no longer in point of fact true to who we’re.  Read extra…

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