Why Apple Will Cancel iPhone X & Crazy 512GB iPhone Mod!

Why Apple Will Cancel iPhone X & Crazy 512GB iPhone Mod!
Why Apple Will Cancel iPhone X & Crazy 512GB iPhone Mod!

Why Apple Will Cancel iPhone X & Crazy 512GB iPhone Mod!

well according to the news this is gonna
be apples headquarters this summer so
the iPhone 10 is getting canceled
supposedly is it true in this post I
wanted to address those rumors because
the amount of information and

misinformation online is quite frankly
ridiculous about this whole thing
apparently Apple is scrapping the iPhone
10 in its entirety just because of poor
sales and poor projected sales going

into 2018 so is that true and also a 512
gigabyte I phone 7 the world’s first 512
gigabyte I phone is ridiculous and it’s
a true working mod so I wanted to cover
that as well as details on the new 6.1
inch iPhone coming later this year and
the new iPad has been mentioned in a
code of eleven point three so I wanted

to cover that all in one little post
wrap up so the iPhone 10 is getting
cancelled but what’s true and what’s not
behind this rumor right now the rumors
are saying that around summer time Apple

is gonna cease production of the iPhone
10 and then just hold over the supplies
until the new one is coming out around
September now the truth is this all came
from an article published by Ming Chico
or a report where he detailed what

Apple’s plans are with the lineup later
this year and the truth is the iPhone
Teddy says has no place in that lineup
because it can’t be sold at around $800
at a discount because it’ll cannibalize
the sales of both the low-end 6.1 inch
iPhone model and the replacement to the
iPhone 10 the iPhone 11 I mean that one

will be sold at the same price at $1000
and if there’s this option at $100 less
than the new one why would people go for
that one it will be so similar look
why’s that Apple won’t be able to sell
it and this year Apple learned a
valuable lesson with the iPhone 8 8 plus

and the iPhone 10 the sales of this
thing were pretty bad in comparison to
other flagships but that’s because they
had two other great phones at a cheaper
price and they cannibalize the sales of
both the iPhone 8 and 8 plus and this
one all together all at the same time by
having so many phones to choose from so
Apple’s gonna be learning from their
mistakes this year and they’re basically

gonna remove the iPhone 10 yes
cancel it at the end of its lifecycle
which will be in September not now as
some of the articles are saying later
this year because there’s just no place
for it I mean a lot of the other iPhone
sales are going to be reduced because
this one exists and John Gruber of
daring fireball actually wrote an entire
article about this and I wanted to
mention to some of his points because
they are

so true this isn’t the first
time Apple has done something like this
with the iPhone 5 they only sold it for
one year afterwards with the iPhone 5s
and 5c they replaced the five after one
year with the 5c so that happens and he
also brought up a point where the
original iPhone was only sold for one
year replaced by the 3G and that one did

it sell anymore at the stores so I was
totally aware of what they’re doing
yes cancelling the iPhone 10 sounds bad
in the news right now but it’s something
they have to do in order to sell more
iPhones this year and the fact that
Apple will only sell 18 million units of
the iPhone 10 in quarter 1 2018 isn’t

such a big deal because they’re also
selling the iPhone 8 and 8 plus at its
side so yes historically for an Apple
flagship that’s not too good but they
basically have three flagship selling at
the same time and they’re still breaking

records with all three so the bottom
line is it has nothing to do with the
sales aspect of it that the iPhone 10
isn’t selling well it’s about the new
iPhones coming later this year and
simplifying the lineup making it easier
for the consumer to choose an iPhone
without having an onslaught of new
iPhones so this picture right here this
is basically what the lineup is going to
look like this year predicted by Mac

so there will be quite a lot of
devices to choose from is basically
divided into low end mid tier and high
end smartphones so a new report about
the 6.1 inch iPhone that’s going to be
sold for around 650 to 750 dollars
coming later this year has surfaced now
it’s going to include a new LCD
technology called full active LCD and

what it allows for is super slim bezels
up to 0.5 millimeters on the edges that
makes it even thinner than the iPhone 10
on these sides it could look pretty
sleek it’ll have an 18 to 9 aspect ratio
so it’ll have a 2160 by 1080 resolution
display now the one interesting thing is
I don’t know if it’s because Apple will
include it or just because the
technology is not capable of it but the
6.1 inch iPhone coming later this year

will not have 3d touch in the display
and that may be because Apple wants to
further differentiate a lineup and make
a clear middle tier and top to your
smartphone category and there’s a couple
other details the frame will be made of
aluminum instead of stainless steel of
the iPhones

again distinct in those two categories
and there will only be a single camera
on the rear instead of the two that are
on the + and iPhone 10 models so we
don’t have any concepts of that right
now but we will be working on it I’ll
bring it to you guys in the future

now Iowa’s eleven point three bit of one
came out yesterday already developers
are digging inside of it and finding
code referencing new Apple products in
particular the new iPad pro coming later

this year again hopefully it looks
something like this it’s not a guarantee
but the rumors are good that it will
look something like this now editor
Philippe Esposito of iHelp PR has
actually found a code in reference to
modern iPad inside of us and developer

rambo also confirmed that this could
have reference to the new ipad with face
ID the rumored by Bloomberg and Machiko
that the new iPad will come with face
IDs so I’m very curious to see what the
turnout is on that how it’ll look it

should be awesome alright and this one
is ridiculously cool so I’ve seen iPhone
mods from installing a headphone jack on
the iPhone 7

of course the glowing Apple logo mods
clear glass back mods but this has to be
one of the coolest of all of them
hacking an iphone to receive capability
that even Apple doesn’t have right now a
512 gigabytes storage chip was installed
in an iPhone 7 by Federico servo so with
a collaborative effort he was able to

install a chip even Apple doesn’t have
in an iPhone on iOS 11 point two point
one and it works I mean it’s just a
storage chip so there’s no reason it
shouldn’t the software somehow does
support it and hopefully in the future
we’ll be getting something like it who

knows maybe Apple won’t even release it
for a couple years so this is like
next-gen technology in a current iPhone
and the process of actually doing it is
pretty ridiculously hard

you basically have to take the current
flash chip copy the contents of it onto
a media and then transfer that on to the
512 gigabyte chip and we got that chip
from a certain website that supplied it
to him and the whole process reading on
posts pretty cool I’ll link it down

below I thought it was really really
cool and having capability that even
modern smartphones modern iPhones do not
have even took it to an Apple store
where they were pretty shocked about
that I thought that was cool as well

anyways guys that’s the latest yes the
iPhone 10 is getting canceled but not
right now and not in a way because you
know the sales are so bad it’s

just a natural evolution of what Apple
does and especially since they’ve done
it in the past with other iPhones
anyways guys hope you enjoyed it just a
little update on the happenings of Apple
this week peace