Vivo Nex pop-up selfie cam showing users which apps turn on the camera

Vivo Nex

  • Users are reporting that the Vivo Nex camera that pops out of the best of the software is popping out to mention “hi” with out being invited.
  • It seems that positive apps request get right of entry to to the selfie cam, which reasons it to pop up.
  • This illuminates to us that apps are “turning on” the front-facing camera with out us asking, and we simply haven’t spotted.

The Vivo Nex smartphone is the first in point of fact all-screen software to hit the marketplace. One of the novel techniques it achieves that all-screen glance is by way of hiding the front-facing camera in just a little pop-up selfie mechanism.

However, users are reporting that the camera is turning up on them even if they haven’t activated the selfie camera thru their camera app.

Abacus posted the video under of a consumer opening up the messaging app Telegram, which then triggers the pop-up camera:

Other users are reporting an identical job in apps like Tencent’s QQ Browser and the commute reserving app Ctrip.

What does this imply? The pop-up selfie cam is prompted while you open the front-facing camera software, however there are many apps that use the front-facing camera as a part of their capability, and the ones would additionally cause the pop-up.

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What this anecdotal information suggests is that apps like Telegram, the QQ Browser, and Ctrip could be “turning on” the selfie camera even while you don’t ask it to, and even though you’re no longer the usage of a serve as that will require the camera to be energetic. We’re handiest noticing it now as a result of the Vivo Nex has a motorized reaction to those requests, while different smartphones display no bodily trade when the camera is activated.

According to Abacus, Vivo has been made conscious about the factor however didn’t give any remark on the topic.

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