This Guy Shot Color Photos with His Game Boy Camera

One of the earliest techniques of constructing colour footage was once through combining black-and-white footage shot the use of purple, inexperienced, and blue filters. Matt Gray just lately made up our minds to make use of this method to shoot colour footage the use of his Game Boy Camera.

In case you’re no longer acquainted with it, the Game Boy Camera was once a digital camera attachment launched in 1998 for the Game Boy that would shoot 128×112 black-and-white footage. Photographers lately were the use of the unfashionable digital camera for capturing odd footage of such things as sun eclipses, planets, and Formula 1 racing.

Gray carried purple, inexperienced, and blue filters with his Game Boy Camera and shot every topic three instances — as soon as with every filter out.

After merging the three variations into unmarried footage throughout post-processing, colour footage emerged.

Gray additionally stocks the Photoshop method he used to mix the footage within the 4-minute video above (right here’s a text-based instructional).

You can in finding extra of Gray’s paintings on his web page and YouTube channel.

Contributer : PetaPixel