The Surge 3D Vision Fix – Updated(5/11/2018)

3D Vision Fix through Helifax, Kaimasta

Fixed: (Update as of fifth November 2018)
– The complete UI, because it was once through default damaged: Some was once 3D – flawed intensity – some 2D and a few lacking in 3D.
– Shadows
– Lights
– Compute Shading
– Lots of unsuitable Decals and components
– and many others

– All the SLI/non-SLI problems!

– Helifax – The complete shader solving!

– Kaimasta – For discovering the magic flag so I will repair the non-SLI problems!

– Big due to Bo3b, DarkStarSword and Flugan for growing 3DMigoto and this superior wrapper that permits us to mend our favorite DX11 video games in 3D Vision!
– NVIDIA for Creating 3D Vision as a tech!

Fix to be had right here:
The Surge – 3D Vision Forums


Latest replace 11-5-18: TheSurge_v1.4.7z
Fixes every other 4 decals, and in addition fixes all texture flickering of doorways/partitions. Updated to 3Dmigoto 1.3.11.

Earlier Helifax model: TheSurge_v.1.3.rar