The Phonebloks guy chronicles the rise and fall of modular smartphones

Anyone take note Phonebloks? If the title sounds acquainted, that’s as it was once the idea in the back of Google’s Project Ara – a modular smartphone which might have allowed customers to switch out, improve or change parts on a tool while not having to shop for a brand new one. The unique Phonebloks video went viral five years in the past, sparking so much of passion from customers. To our wonder, firms like Google, LG, Motorola, and Fairphone took understand as smartly and ahead of we knew it, we had been all stuck up in the modular smartphone race.

So… after five years, how some distance have we come? Dave Hakkens, the writer of the unique Phonebloks idea has launched a brand new video which highlights the rise and fall of the modular smartphone.

The overwhelming fortify for the concept was once sufficient for Google to speculate closely in Project Ara and broaden a running prototype which the corporate meant to convey to marketplace. The unhappy information is that Google pulled the plug on Project Ara in September of 2016 with out giving a explanation why.

Fortunately for us, the shutdown of the program allowed us to spend some high quality time with one of Google’s early Project Ara prototypes. If you wish to have to peer what Google’s modular smartphone long run would have gave the look of, check out our unique hands-on with Google’s Project Ara prototype.