The French people bring the French government to its knees

France has been burning, with riots over just about the complete nation and loads of people injured and/or arrested.  The cause for all of this used to be a large gas tax building up – ostensibly to keep an eye on “local weather trade” however truly simply some other large ol’ tax on the running inhabitants via the limousine liberals.

And so the nation went up in flames as tens of 1000’s of electorate threw up barricades on the Champs-Elysées.  Seriously:

Un stand-mobile de restauration finit de carboniser au milieu des Champs-Elysées. #GilestJaunes

— Vincent Serrano (@Vincent_Serrano) November 24, 2018

The protesters all put on yellow protection jackets, which in the ultimate yr or two have been made obligatory for all drivers.  That used to be simply one of many petty tyrannies that appear to have led up to the present explosion.  There are a LOT of protesters in yellow jackets:
All in all, 36,000 people are protesting throughout France, and over 5,000 in Paris by myself.
Fuel tax rises which had led to weeks of violent protests in France were suspended for six months.
PM Edouard Philippe stated that people’s anger will have to be heard, and the measures would no longer be implemented till there were correct debate with the ones affected.
The protests have hit primary French towns, inflicting really extensive harm for the previous three weekends.
The “gilets jaunes” (yellow vest) protests have now grown to mirror extra fashionable anger at the government.
Three people have died since the unrest started and the ensuing violence and vandalism – significantly when statues have been smashed at the Arc de Triomphe in Paris ultimate Saturday – were broadly condemned.
“Yellow vests” are so known as as a result of they have got taken to the streets dressed in the high-visibility yellow clothes this is required to be carried in each and every automobile via French legislation.
As the Lefties like to say, I suppose that that is what Democracy seems like.  Remember, Donald Trump used to be no longer a purpose, he’s a symptom of a response to an increasingly more aloof and disconnected ruling magnificence. That response is not restricted to the United States in anyway.