The Email Parser Guide: How to Automatically Copy Data From Your Emails

Ebay emailed—somebody ordered one thing out of your retailer. Your financial institution emailed along with your per month remark, your bank card is reminding you to pay your invoice, and Apple’s reminding you of that app you purchased ultimate evening. And the touch shape for your web site is good, however each and every message is some other factor piling up on your inbox.

It’s simple sufficient to type via and arrange knowledge in a spreadsheet or database. In your electronic mail inbox, although, notifications are handiest extra muddle, extra issues to archive and overlook. It’s more straightforward to handiest make the effort to replica textual content from emails and paste it someplace helpful when you wish to have it.

Or, it’s essential let an app do the busywork for you. Here’s how to parse textual content from emails and put their knowledge to just right use—mechanically.

What Is an Email Parser?

When your boss or easiest good friend emails, you most probably learn each phrase.

The remainder of the time, odds are, you skim the message. Your eyes temporarily dart around the display, choosing out key phrases and words like New Sale and $4.99 and Payment Due: Friday, Nov 3.

Email parsers paintings the similar manner. You educate those techniques how to acknowledge patterns on your emails, inform them what knowledge is if truth be told vital and that the whole thing else may also be unnoticed, after which have them save handiest the vital stuff. Then, attach the e-mail parser to an automation software like Zapier to save that vital textual content into some other apps you need to log the orders in a spreadsheet, as an example, or remind you to pay your bank card invoice the next day to come. As lengthy because the emails are all laid out normally the similar manner, the e-mail parser must be ready to determine what is vital and replica the information for you.

Got that? Ok. Let’s again up, and step by step construct an electronic mail parser that may replica textual content from your emails and put it to paintings. We’ll use Zapier’s Email Parser—a loose software to replica textual content from your emails—after which have a look at different equipment that may do extra along with your emails. The fundamentals paintings the similar in each app, and as soon as you know the way to parse one electronic mail, you know the way to parse all of them.


1. Make a brand new electronic mail parser
2. Forward an Email to the Parser
3. Teach the parser how to learn your electronic mail
4. Automatically ahead emails to the parser
5. Put your parsed electronic mail knowledge to paintings

Make a New Email Parser

Zapier Create Email Parser

The first step is the perfect. Just move to, check in along with your Zapier account or make a brand new account, then click on the Create Mailbox button to upload a brand new electronic mail parser.

Email Parser will then display you an electronic mail cope with like [email protected]. Copy that cope with.

2. Forward an Email to the Parser

Email to parse

Now, ship the primary electronic mail to be parsed. Open your electronic mail app, in finding an electronic mail like those you need to use along with your electronic mail parser. I am going to have Email Parser notify me about new App Store purchases—so I were given an App Store electronic mail.

Click the button to ahead the e-mail, put your electronic mail cope with within the To: box, and click on Send.

3. Teach the Parser How to Read Your Email

Select text to be parsed

Select the textual content you need the parser to replica, then give it a novel identify

Time to put for your trainer hat. Once Zapier Email Parser receives your electronic mail, it displays a textual content model of your electronic mail within the Initial Template field. All you wish to have to do is locate the vital knowledge and inform the parser that that is what to replica.

Scroll down to the textual content that you need the Email Parser to replica, and make a choice it. With my App Store emails, I need to know what I bought, so I make a choice the textual content of the product identify. Type a reputation for that merchandise within the field, click on Save, and the Email Parser will change the textual content with the identify in curly brackets, like .

Repeat that for the whole thing else you need the e-mail parser to replica. I decided on the whole value, too, and gave it a reputation.

Once that is executed, click on the blue Save Address and Template button on the backside—and your electronic mail parser is in a position to paintings.

The electronic mail parser will paintings easiest if the textual content you choose is one thing written the similar manner in each electronic mail—most likely a bunch after the phrase Total, or a hyperlink written after the phrase Click right here. The worth can exchange, however the electronic mail parser will paintings easiest if that previous textual content is identical and in the similar position each time.

Email Parser Second Template

Select the similar textual content you need to replica, and provides it the similar identify to educate the Email Parser how to deal with diversifications on your emails

Want to make your Email Parser extra dependable? Forward some other an identical electronic mail to the similar cope with, then click on the View Emails beside your parser’s identify in Zapier Email Parser’s Mailboxes checklist. That displays your most up-to-date emails—with the textual content Email Parser decided on in yellow.

If that is unsuitable, click on the Edit further template hyperlink close to the ground. Select the similar textual content you’ll at first sought after to replica out of your emails, give it the similar names, then save this new template. You can repeat that more than one occasions to make your parser extra dependable.

4. Automatically Forward New Emails to the Parser

Gmail search filter

The Email Parser you made is now in a position to replica textual content from different an identical emails—App Store receipts, on this case. We want to ship each new App Store receipt to the e-mail parser.

The most suitable choice is to automate issues with a filter out on your electronic mail app to mechanically ahead messages that fit the one you despatched to Email Parser. Typically, your notification emails will all have one thing in commonplace—they arrive from the similar sender and frequently have the similar topic. App Store receipts, for example, come from [email protected] and feature the similar Your receipt from Apple topic.

To look forward to the ones emails in Gmail, you’ll be able to first want to upload your electronic mail parser cope with to Gmail to mechanically ahead emails. Here’s how:

  • Open your Gmail Forwarding settings—click on the equipment icon, make a choice Settings, then click on the Forwarding tab.
  • Click the Add a forwarding cope with button there.
  • Enter your Email Parser electronic mail within the textual content field and click on subsequent.
  • Check your electronic mail—Zapier must ship you a affirmation electronic mail from Gmail. If you do not see it, take a look at the Email Parser app’s mailbox—it must have the e-mail. Either manner, replica the affirmation code, then paste it within the field again on your Gmail Forwarding settings.

Now you’ll have Gmail mechanically ahead emails to your electronic mail parser. First seek for the e-mail cope with and/or topic of the messages you’ll be able to have the e-mail parser procedure; I’m going to input from:[email protected] AND topic:"Your receipt from Apple". Click the tiny down arrow at the proper of the quest bar to see the overall Advanced Search choices—then click on the Create filter out button or hyperlink within the decrease proper nook. Have that filter out ahead the e-mail to the e-mail parser cope with you simply added—and also you must be all set.

After a little bit of mouse and keyboard workout, you might be executed. Every time Apple sends you an App Store receipt—or on every occasion you obtain no matter different electronic mail messages you need to parse—Gmail will ship it alongside to the Email Parser.

If you utilize some other electronic mail carrier, take a look at your documentation to see in case your app or carrier can mechanically ahead electronic mail messages.

5. Put Your Parsed Email Data to Work

Use Zapier to automatically use your parsed email data

Copying textual content out of emails by myself is not sufficient—you wish to have to do one thing with that knowledge. The highest choice is to attach your Email Parser to Zapier’s app automations, which helps you to ship knowledge out of your emails to 1,300+ different well-liked paintings apps—from Airtable to Zoho.

Visit Zapier and log in or enroll if you have not already. Then click on the orange Make a Zap button within the most sensible proper nook. Select Email Parser because the cause app, then make a choice the New Email cause. Connect your Email Parser account if you have not already, and select the parser cope with you simply arrange.

Zapier automation with email parser

Zapier can use the textual content Email Parser unearths on the other hand you need

You can then put your electronic mail knowledge to paintings. In the Action step, make a choice the app you need to ship your electronic mail knowledge to. I sought after to get an SMS notification about my App Store receipts, so I picked the SMS app’s Send SMS motion.

To use your electronic mail knowledge, click on the + button beside any of the fields out of your app. Here, I have added the acquisition identify and worth from Email Parser to the SMS notifications—it’s essential most likely upload names and emails to your electronic mail publication, log gross sales data to rows of a spreadsheet, or use your electronic mail knowledge on the other hand you need.

Test the Zap to make certain the whole thing works the way in which you need, flip it on, and you might be executed!

Now, on every occasion an electronic mail is available in with main points you wish to have to save, your electronic mail app will ahead it to Email Parser, which can skim your electronic mail and replica out the vital data, then ship it to Zapier, which then sends it to the app that wishes your knowledge. It’s the most efficient Rube Goldberg device but.

The Best Email Parser Apps

Zapier’s Email Parser is not the one manner to replica textual content from your emails. It’s a useful gizmo, and one of the perfect to setup and use. But it is only designed to parse textual content out of your emails, and would possibly fail at copying textual content in case your electronic mail formatting adjustments a lot.

Need extra energy on your electronic mail parsing? There are a handful of different equipment that may do an identical issues, staring at for brand new emails and parsing out the textual content you need—frequently with much more options for the ones maximum tricky emails.

Here are the most productive apps to parse your emails:

to mechanically in finding knowledge to parse Screenshot makes it a lot quicker to get started parsing emails—and a lot more actual. Start the similar as you may with Zapier’s Email Parser: Make a brand new inbox, replica its distinctive mailparser electronic mail cope with, and ahead your emails to it. This time, ahead a number of an identical emails to get started.

As quickly because the emails are available in, will check out to determine the average patterns on your messages—names, dates, costs, order numbers, and extra. It displays them in a desk mechanically, and if the whole thing seems just right, you’ll flip at the electronic mail parser and let it run with out converting the rest for one-step electronic mail parsing. customize email template

Odds are, although, you’ll be able to need to customise and extract the precise issues you need out of your messages. Open the Parsing Rules tab in, then make a choice any of the pre-made laws—or upload a brand new one. There, you’ll have filter atypical textual content like hyperlinks and clean strains, then inform it exactly what to look forward to ahead of and after the parsed textual content. It can rely a particular collection of characters, in finding the following clean house or line, or search for a precise textual content string.

It too can parse different issues on your electronic mail. Need to replica all entries of a desk—even if infrequently there will likely be extra entries than others? Add an Extract Tabular Data textual content filter out, and can replica the overall desk or XML content material for you. It will even replica textual content from PDF or textual content attachments for your emails.

Tip: Need to mechanically extract knowledge from PDF recordsdata?’s sister app, docparser, makes use of the similar tech to lend a hand replica vital data out of your PDFs. Check our docparser assessment for more information.


to replica textual content from HTML and rich-text emails

Parseur Screenshot

Both Zapier’s Mail Parser and flip your emails into simple textual content—you get the core main points out of your emails, with out the photographs and formatting. That works—and permits you to make complex filters to dig deeper into HTML formatting—however it may be tricky to use.

Parseur simplifies issues with an HTML parser that displays your messages precisely the way in which they appear on your electronic mail inbox. Set up an electronic mail parser the similar manner—upload an inbox, replica the cope with, ahead an electronic mail—then you’ll make a brand new template in Parseur. Click at the textual content you need Parseur to replica, upload a reputation for the sphere at the proper sidebar and click on Create, then repeat for the whole thing else you need to make a choice. It’s simple to temporarily pick what you wish to have to replica with the usual, rich-text electronic mail view.

See parseur results

See the parsed textual content in a desk, along the unique electronic mail

Then, you’ll use Parseur as an electronic mail inbox with an archive of your parsed emails. Click throughout the Documents tab to see each electronic mail that Parseur gained—and open them to see the unique electronic mail in conjunction with a desk of the copied textual content.

If Parseur can not determine what to do with an electronic mail, it is going to display it highlighted in pink for your Documents checklist. Open the e-mail and click on the + icon in the correct nook to upload a brand new template, and Parseur will then parse that electronic mail and use the additional template as a backup subsequent time.

Bonus: Parse Email Messages with Regex and Zapier Formatter

Zapier Formatter Regex

Using Zapier Formatter, you’ll mechanically replica out telephone numbers, hyperlinks, electronic mail addresses, and extra from any textual content—together with an electronic mail

Only need to replica telephone numbers, hyperlinks, electronic mail addresses, and different simply recognizable textual content from electronic mail messages? You do not even want an electronic mail parser. All you wish to have is a regex—or Regular Expression—script that may in finding textual content that fits the development you wish to have.

With a regex script, it’s essential seek via your electronic mail textual content within a textual content editor like Sublime Text and replica out the pieces you need in seconds. Or, the use of Zapier’s Formatter software, it’s essential have Zapier watch Gmail for a brand new electronic mail, use Formatter to in finding, say, a hyperlink or telephone quantity within the textual content, after which upload some other motion app to your Zap that places your textual content to paintings.

Another choice: You may use this Gmail Parsing Google Script from to use regex scripts proper within Gmail that in finding knowledge on your emails and replica it to a Google Sheet.

Here’s how in our in-depth information on how to extract textual content with regex and Zapier Formatter.

Put Your Parsed Emails to Work with Automations

You’ve realized how to parse emails and located the very best app for the emails you wish to have to parse. All that is left is to get started the use of that parsed textual content on your paintings. Just as within the instance above, you’ll attach your electronic mail parser to Zapier, then mechanically ship each parsed electronic mail to your CRM, eCommerce software, challenge control app, and extra.

Here are one of the hottest techniques to use parsed electronic mail knowledge with Zapier:

Save Your Parsed Email Data to a Spreadsheet

One of the perfect techniques to use your electronic mail knowledge is to reserve it to a spreadsheet. There, you’ll type and filter out the information or simply import it into some other app. Zapier can save your electronic mail knowledge to a Google Sheets or Excel spreadsheet—or a database—mechanically for an inventory of the whole thing you wish to have in one position.

Get Notified About Parsed Emails

Want to get an SMS with the better main points out of your parsed emails? Or most likely you’ll quite get some other electronic mail with simply the vital textual content or notify your crew in Slack. Either manner, you’ll do that mechanically.

Add New Subscribers to an Email List

You may mechanically replica electronic mail addresses of people that touch your corporate and upload them to an electronic mail checklist, however you’ll fail to spot a number of vital knowledge. An electronic mail parser can lend a hand fill within the blanks, copying all their touch data ahead of including them as new subscribers.

Create CRM Contacts and Leads from Emails

Whether you might be parsing messages out of your touch bureaucracy or order receipts from an eCommerce retailer, save your electronic mail knowledge to a CRM to stay as many main points for your contacts and shoppers as conceivable.

Start Projects and Tasks with Parsed Emails

Don’t let paintings pile up on your inbox. Parse the emails, and let Zapier flip the ones messages into duties and initiatives you’ll be able to entire.

Email’s the default manner for many apps to ship notifications and different data—and may also be one of the simplest ways to automate apps that shouldn’t have their integrations. With an electronic mail parser and Zapier workflows, your inbox can get your maximum vital emails operating for you once they arrive in—not more copying and pasting out of your inbox.

Want to make your inbox much more productive? Here are some nice Zapier guides to lend a hand:

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