The Bards Tale IV – Barrows Deep – 3DV-Ready-Fix – V-1.00 – Losti

The Bards Tale IV – Barrows Deep – 3DV-Ready-Fix – V-1.00 – Losti
***This repair used to be principally made with UE4-Universal-Fix by means of DHR***

***Main Reflection-Fix-Formula by means of Masterotaku***

Special Thx is going to:

DarkStarSword  – for the whole lot you probably did for this small however great 3-D-Community and of reason your individual reinforce!!!

DHR                    – for the UE4-Universal-Fix
masterotaku      – for steering me along with his wisdom and give you the primary mirrored image repair formulation

                           – for lend a hand me solving the MotionSickness and of reason your steady reinforce

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DHR                     – [email protected]
masterotaku        – [email protected]
DarkStarSword   – [email protected]


— ~64 hrs time of building later —                      


Latest Update: V1.00 – 31.12.2018

– free up

1.  Fixed

– UE4 Universal Fixes together with all results discussed there (DHR)

– Reflections (Masterotaku, Losti)
– HUD / Autodepth (Losti)
– MotionSickness (Masterotaku, Losti)
– Additional fixes catched improper by means of RegEx or no longer catched (Losti)
2.  Issues left

– some minor blinking/flimmer mild spackles

– mirrored image isn’t 100 % OK in each angel of view, and turning into extra worse with prime separation however it is even completely good enough right here!
– some flimmering/blinking hair in dialoges
– some map/minimap one eye issues
– volumetric lighting fixtures = disabled
3.  Download

4.  Introduction to get it running

– uninstall outdated fixes!!! … in case you have used a WIP or updating to the most recent repair if there’s an replace

– set up the most recent NVIDIA motive force

— If you’ve got any bother that isn’t described in segment 2, use DDU and blank set up your graphic motive force

– obtain and extract the archive for your “…BardsTale4BinariesWin64” listing, the place the BardsTale4-Win64-Shipping.exe is positioned

– apply segment 4.1 !!!
– PLEASE learn this: and prescient/the-bards-story-iv-dungeon-crawlers/submit/5954306/#5954306

==> in case you have any bother or problems you can’t resolve please don’t hesitate to touch me by way of my PayPal donation cope with, or within the 3-D-Vision Forum

TB and SBS Mode (non-compulsory):

– The recreation reinforce SBS/TB Mode the usage of 3Dmigoto. Remove the “;” within the  “;come with = ShaderFixes3dvision2sbs.ini” of the d3dx.ini. Default TB Mode. F11 to cycle. Also take into accout to make use of “HDMI Checkerboard” within the NVCP to take away the 720p limitation.

4.1  Ingame Settings

– Everything you need (I believe … no longer in the end examined, repair is coming with RegEx at the fly Shader-Fixing that are supposed to catch all results)

– in case you have any bother that isn’t described in segment 2, use very best to be had settings and decrease them step-by-step to peer which one is inflicting problems

– make a choice FXAA or no AA however NOT Temporal AA
– disable movement blure (“Bewegungsunschärfe”)

5.  Key Settings

–  this can be a cycle key

– d3dx.ini segment: [Key3-HudDepth]

– Cycle intensity of the HUD

–  this can be a cycle key

– d3dx.ini segment: [Key3-Crosshair]

– Cycle intensity of the Crosshair

–  this can be a toggle key

– d3dx.ini segment: [Key6-ReadNotice]

– for studying notices and or if you want no intensity in menue issues….
6.  Key Setting – Customization
—-only for extra complicated users—

If you don’t just like the settings the repair comes with, you need to in finding your personal likes:

– to observe your present convergence/separation set searching=1 in d3d11.ini

– exchange constants/settings/keys and take a look at the lead to recreation by means of urgent F10

6.1  3Dmigoto – Constants

—-only for extra complicated users—

– the repair comes with the next default consistent settings

z1 = 0.5



– common HUD-intensity: the fewer the fewer the HUD intensity, same old is 0.5


– common HUD-intensity: the fewer the fewer the HUD intensity, same old is 0.3

6.2  3Dmigoto – Preset Changes

—-only for extra complicated users—

– exchange the settings for the presets in the event you dont find it irresistible


6.3  Advanced Key Config

—-only for extra complicated users—

You can outline keys in [Constants] segment with:


Key = KEY 




– for opting for a key glance right here for substitute KEY with it ( windows/desktop/dd375731(v=vs.85).aspx)

– substitute CONSTANTX with the constants written above

– substitute XXX with a worth, see above

– substitute SEPXX with a separation price, depart it = the separation you select by means of STRG+F3/4, no adjustments, 100 = 100%

– substitute CONVXX with a convergence price, depart it = the convergence you select by means of STRG+F5/6, no adjustments

Key Press Types:

– kind = hang ==> solely lively whilst keeping this key

– kind = toggle ==> permit/disable this environment

– kind = cycle ==> cycles the settings by way of this key, e.g. SEPARATION = 100, 50 will cycle between 100% and 50% separation urgent this key

–if you’ve got extra settings you want to outline it for each cycle step:

–means: if you wish to exchange separation and you need to make use of the similar consistent for each settings use:



– no definition = settings set on ON as soon as pressed the important thing

You too can exchange any present key definitions converting the important thing in the back of key = within the d3dx.ini …. in the event you just like the environment however need any other key for it.

– THANK you DSS for being in this earth 🙂
– THANK you DHR for the UE4 common repair!!!
– THANK you masterotaku for the UE4 mirrored image repair!!!
– Big due to Bo3bDarkStarSword, Flugan and all others occupied with developing 3DMigoto; an ideal wrapper that permits us to mend our favourite DX11 video games in 3-D Vision!
– NVIDIA for developing 3-D-Vision as a tech!