T-Mobile OnePlus 6T owners reporting success unlocking the phone early

A photo from the OnePlus 6T pop-up event in New York City.

  • Users round the internet are reporting success getting their T-Mobile OnePlus 6T community unlocked early.
  • Usually, you would need to wait 40 days after totally paying off a tool for a community free up.
  • All customers are doing are asking reinforce reps to free up the software, and maximum are satisfied sufficient to oblige.

If you personal a T-Mobile OnePlus 6T, your software differs in a couple of tactics from the ones you possibly can purchase without delay from OnePlus by means of OnePlus.com. One of the ones notable variations is the T-Mobile variant is each community locked and bootloader locked.

There are most often four steps to reaching a completely unlocked smartphone whilst you purchase without delay from T-Mobile:

  1. Paying off the software in complete
  2. Requesting a community free up
  3. Waiting 40 days to get the community free up
  4. Proceeding with bootloader free up steps

However, it seems like many OnePlus 6T customers who bought the software from T-Mobile are having success utterly skipping that 3rd step. You can see a number of person feedback from round the web compiled at Piunika Web which expresses their success.

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How did they do it? Most say they only requested a T-Mobile reinforce rep if they may skip the 40-day wait, and the rep used to be satisfied to oblige. Others used excuses reminiscent of upcoming global trip or transferring to a brand new location which additionally led to the rep obliging.

There have additionally been reported eventualities the place reps declined to free up the software or had been for no matter explanation why not able to, however it sounds as if the majority of customers are discovering success with this system.

However, do remember the fact that there’s no level in asking to have your software community unlocked for those who haven’t already totally paid it off. Only customers with a tool bought as a money sale or similar will be capable to get unlocked.

Once your T-Mobile OnePlus 6T is community unlocked, you’ll use the software on every other service, free up the bootloader, root the software, flash customized ROMs, and many others. There are useful directions on how to take action over at XDA Developers.

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