Step By Step to fix iPhone 7P front camera failure

 Last week, we won an iPhone 7 Plus to restore, the issue is this iPhone 7P front camera isn’t running, it may not take pictures, simply presentations black. We fastened it step-by-step, here’s the restore procedure.

Step 1

Get into IOS gadget and check the iPhone camera. The iPhone rear camera, flash and different purposes are all standard, however the iPhone front camera isn’t running.

Step 2
Use telephone opening gear to disassemble the iPhone, after which take away the iPhone motherboard.
Step 3
Put iPhone motherboard beneath the Stereo Zoom Microscope to apply,  we discovered the restore strains of front camera J4503 base. It approach the iPhone 7 Plus was once repaired ahead of. As proven in image 1.
Step 3 
Measure the iPhone motherboard through virtual multimeter, the knowledge examined is standard.  When measure the voltage of the 2 teams of I2C that have been repaired: (R4810) I2C_NH_SCL_CONN and (4811) I2C_NH_SDA_CONN, we discovered R4811 resistance has no voltage, however it has worth when cause. The circuit diagram we will be able to test on WUXINJI dongle.

Step 4

Now we will be able to pass judgement on that R4811 is broken, so we’d like to exchange it. With the assistance of the QUICK 861DW and tweezers, we take away the incoming panel and exchange the two pull-up resistors.
Step 5
Assemble the iPhone 7 Plus, energy on iPhone 7P, after which check it, the iPhone front camera works completely.