State of Mind (DX11)

– Shadows
– Lights
– Reflections
– Lights Shafts
– Decals

TB and SBS Mode (non-compulsory):
– The recreation enhance SBS/TB Mode the use of 3Dmigoto. Remove the “;” within the  “;come with = ShaderFixes3dvision2sbs.ini” of the d3dx.ini. Default TB Mode. F11 to cycle. Also take into account to make use of “HDMI Checkerboard” within the NVCP to take away the 720p limitation.

– “F1” to look presets

Note: Thanks Pauldusler!!!!
– To allow three-D, apply this steps:
C:UsersYOUR NAMEAppDataLocalDaedalic Entertainment GmbHStateOfMindSavedConfigWindowsNoEditorGameUserSettings.ini

And in segment [/Script/StateOfMind.StomUserSettings] upload this:

– Extract the place StateOfMind-Win64-Shipping.exe is situated (State of MindStateOfMindBinariesWin64)
– Start the sport, when “Rundll32” steered seem, press “Yes” (in Win10 this do not seem). This is for the Profile Override wanted for this recreation. In Nvidia overlay you are going to see “3Dfix via DHR”.


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