Repair Guide: iPhone X won’t turn on after dropping(error 56)

 The iPhone X may not turn on and stories unknown error 56, why is that? The iPhone 6 by chance fell into the bottom, after which it may be became on as standard, consistent with our restore revel in, we predict it is the downside of the iPhone motherboard. 
Conect iPhone X to the pc by means of iPhone lightning cable, after which use iTunes to re-flash it, the iPhone is did not flash, the iTunes stories unknown error 56.

Disassemble the iPhone X by means of telephone opening gear, take out the iPhone X motherboard. With the assistance of the PPD 120XL iPhone X pre-heating platform,we will separate the iPhone X motherboard easily. 
As we all know,    the iPhone X is attached by means of 2 items motherboard by means of a center column, so the pins are simple to lose on account of shedding. Now, it is most likely the pin from the NFC chip to the iPhone CPU that was once dropped off.

Check iPhone schematic diagram by means of WUXINJI Dongle, it is surrounded by means of flooring traces, and the 6 helpful pins was once dropped off.
The flooring traces are not any want to fill, we simply want to fill those 6 helpful pins, we will take a look at iPhone motherboard underneath the Stereo Zoom Microscope. These all are the sign line of the NFC chip, so after we repair iPhone by means of iTunes, it stories unknown error 56.
Next we want to plant the tin within the heart column by means of QUICK 861DW scorching air transform station, after which re-weld the AP section.

After set up, bring together the iPhone, after which re-flash it agian, now the flash procedure is going smartly. 

After getting into the IOS gadget, check the serve as on iPhone X, all purposes examined are customary.