Q.U.B.E. 2 – 3-d-Vision-Ready-Fix – Losti

***This repair was once made from UE4 Universal-Fix from DHR***
***Reflection Fix via masterodaku***

Lastest Update: 28.12.2018 – V1.10

– Reflection repair applyed
– outlines fastened
– fingers of mode progressed
– HUD progressed
– new keys for low convergence for cinematics
– new key for repair menue parts @ display screen intensity
– mouse courser repair
– speech wave texture @ proper intensity

Lastest Update: 26.04.2018 – V1.00

– free up

– just about the whole thing via DHRs UE-4 Engine Universal Fix
– HUD   Losti
– a particle results now not fastened with common repair – Losti
– Lightening mirrored image that was once now not fastened with common repair  – Losti
– further mirrored image repair via masterotaku
– lens aptitude intensity optimization – Losti

Issues left:
– ScreenSpaceReflections are disabled as a result of incorrectness
– lens flar once in a while annoing => disable it by means of key if you wish to have
– the “speech wave” is an excessive amount of into intensity led to via a gentle correction (now not a large factor ^^)
– some UI parts in menues are damaged in the course of the display screen led to via the intensity for the crosshair

Download – Fix V 1.10

Introduction get it operating:
– uninstall previous fixes!!!
– obtain and extract the repair archive to “…steamappscommonQ.U.B.E. 2QUBEBinariesWin64”

Ingame Settings:
– the whole thing you favor

Key Settings:

Disable/Enable HANDS (for opting for the next convergence if you wish to have)

Disable/Enable lensflairs (Std = disabled)

Cycle crosshair intensity

Cycle hud intensity

Correct Main Menue

LowConvergence for Cinematics


– THANK you DHR for the UE4 common repair!!!
– THANK you masterodaku for the UE4 mirrored image repair!!!
– Big due to Bo3bDarkStarSword, Flugan and all others desirous about developing 3DMigoto; an ideal wrapper that permits us to mend our favorite DX11 video games in 3-d Vision!
– NVIDIA for developing 3-d-Vision as a tech!
If you just like the repair and wish to give a contribution for extra long term fixes, you’ll donate to this PayPal account: [email protected]
(all donations will probably be shared with the individuals concerned on this repair)