Pulsing blue light freaks Twitter out, but it’s definitely not aliens


A pulsing vivid blue light illuminating the sky throughout Queens, New York on Thursday evening had everybody considering one factor.

But prior to you even get started, it’s not aliens.

Awestruck other folks shared photos on Twitter of the unusually glimmering turquoise light, every similarly as baffled as the opposite.

Similar to the 2015 freak-out of Los Angeles, when a ‘blue light’ streaked around the evening sky, other folks on Twitter declared it one of two issues: aliens or one thing price calling Ghostbusters for.

The New York sky this night confirming there is not any Dana most effective Zuul #ghostbusters percent.twitter.com/ceEu6m9ATa

— Joe Auriemma (@JosephAuriemma) December 28, 2018 Read extra…

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