PortableApps.com Development Suite (Dec 31, 2018)

PortableApps.com Development Portable, the open portable software standard!

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PortableApps.com/PA.c Development Portable are gear we use to portablize packages.
   They are custom designed model of PortableApps.com authentic releases.
   We unencumber those gear in compliance to GNU license.

Size: 12.3 MB (12,996,608 bytes) Packed Size: 2.50 MB (2,629,632 bytes)
MD5: 7EACB2E8B091300FA19A732401AACD13

Size: 11.4 MB (11,980,800 bytes) Packed Size: 2.31 MB (2,428,928 bytes)
MD5: 3FAF035ABF8043C78DE8D2D8B6A28AC7

Size: 348 KB (356,352 bytes) Packed Size: 64.0 KB (65,536 bytes)
MD5: B62BCD95B79AD4487AE3A1D4285907D7

Size: 10.8 MB (11,427,840 bytes) Packed Size: 2.39 MB (2,506,752 bytes)

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About the appzz.website/ta.o Edition

  • PA.c Launcher generator trojan horse—cannot write/save HKCU registry with out administrator privilege—fastened, by means of reverted again to older registry plugin.
  • The PA.c Launcher generator is now full of NSIS Portable (Unicode) 2.46 Rev 2, so that you are not looking for separate NSIS moveable.
  • NSIS Portable 3 is PA.c unencumber with some regimen (.nsh) and plugins added. You want this to assemble PA.c building gear launcher; or if you wish to have to create any wholly customized moveable utility launcher.

Additional Softwares

We counsel those utilities along with the above *superior* building suite:

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