The Queen Of The World and I voted as of late.  There was once a big turnout, and lengthy traces which everybody appeared to submit with rather cheerfully.

But whilst that is essential, it is not the entirety.  Standing in line I recalled a publish precisely ten years in the past, And Back In The Real World:


It turns out that a lot of other people are freaking out about who is going to win the election. I wish to let you know a tale that pertains to this.

I reside is an excessively lovely small the town in Massachusetts. Our home is an excessively quick stroll to town Common, and proper past this is one of the prettiest cemeteries I have ever observed. Here’s an image I posted some time again of one of the little alleyways within the graveyard.

I take the canine (Little One-Eyed Dog and Ivan the Terrier) there for his or her day by day constitutional, as a result of there is a large box simply at the different aspect. Nobody a lot is going to the cemetery, so we do not trouble any individual on our means thru.

Nobody is going there a lot, however remaining Saturday somebody did. As I walked up during the graveyard, I noticed a automobile parked by means of one of the graves. A center elderly man was once sitting in a folding chair – the sort that you would take to the Little League recreation. He’d decked out the grave for Halloween – pumpkins, decorations, even an oil lantern.

He was once nonetheless there once we took the canine again, so I did not intervene. Yesterday he wasn’t there, so I ended to look whose grave it was once.

It was once his son’s. #1 Son was once with me, and stated in a quiet voice, “He was once in my grade.” Cancer.

The lantern was once nonetheless there. Still burning. It was once burning as of late, too.

So whilst I care about who wins the election the following day, I do not care who wins. Not care like that. Whatever occurs, the Republic will proceed. The flag will nonetheless wave from sea to shining sea.

And a excellent guy will nonetheless grieve over his son’s grave. Instead of being concerned in regards to the election, cross hug your circle of relatives.