One Piece Burning Blood

3-D Vision repair for One Piece Burning Blood. It comprises some graphics choices.

– All haloing issues (smoke, water, refraction results, and so forth).
– Decals like hearth burned flooring.
– Light shafts.
– Stereoized issues that wanted stereoizing, with customized profile settings.
– Automatic low convergence preset for particular assaults that want it, and struggle intros.

– Download this record and extract its contents within the “ONE PIECE BURNING BLOOD” folder, the place “OPBB.exe” is.
– Open the homes of “OPBB.exe“, pass to the compatibility tab, and test the “Disable fullscreen optimizations” checkbox.
– Launch the sport and let it overwrite the profile.

– The sport is proscribed to 1920×1080 interior answer. In “d3dx.ini” the repair forces fullscreen (“full_screen=2“) and 1920×1080 answer (“width=1920” and “peak=1080“) by means of default. If I do not do this, the sport forces a fair decrease interior answer for some reason why.
– Another risk you could have is commenting the ones remaining two settings I discussed (with “;” sooner than them), atmosphere “full_screen=0” and the use of Special Ok to pressure your personal output answer. You’ll wish to use the next choices in “dgxi.ini”: “OverrideRes=????x????”, “Fullscreen=true”, “DriveFullscreen=true” and “RefreshRate=120″.

– F1: convergence presets.
– F2: HUD intensity presets. Prerendered movies no longer integrated, since it might reason problems in different places.
– F3: HUD toggle. Not disabled by means of default.
– F4: intensity of box toggle. Not disabled by means of default. It would possibly not disable DoF within the “Island” level. It additionally impacts colours in many ways.
– F5: bloom toggle. Not disabled by means of default.
– F6: vignette impact toggle. Not disabled by means of default. I like to recommend the use of this hotkey.
– 1 (no longer the numpad): cel shading toggle. Not disabled by means of default.

If you really liked the repair and wish to give a contribution for extra long term fixes, you’ll be able to donate to this PayPal account: [email protected]