Ohio State’s marching band re-created the Backpack Kid to perfection


The Ohio State Marching band confirmed off its precision and information of somewhat nerdy viral dance strikes on Saturday.

During the Ohio State band’s halftime display, the marching musicians were given in formation to reenact the dance of …. The Backpack Kid.

You know, the Backpack Kid! Also referred to as The Floss, sometimes called the dance transfer each demanding child now does at wedding ceremony receptions to turn into the focus.

Honestly, the marching band’s model is beautiful uncanny, and straight away recognizable.

Teenager and now YouTube-famous dancer Russell Horning is credited with developing the transfer. The Floss were given re-dubbed the Backpack Kid when Katy Perry introduced him on level all the way through her Saturday Night Live efficiency in May, and he upstaged everybody whilst doing his rubber band-limbed strikes, whilst — you guessed it — sporting a backpack. Read extra…

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