Office Exploit Macros (Stub)


This exploit will let you run Exe Payload/Backdoor with Doc and all place of business extension.simply
 make Fud and use this stub to run you payload in background procedure.

 Why you employ it:

if you happen to ship you backdoor/payload without delay with Exe extension than it’s imaginable some
 folks now not open you payload/backdoor because of safety  explanation why.Word report and
 different report like it are regularly use now days.Ssomebody can 
open your report simply.

Works on 32/64 Bit
small stub measurement
Compatible with Rats/Keyloggers/Worms
Spread on Electronic mail/Facebook… and many others

        500 RS

I’m really not liable for your movements.Use it with permission.To acquire Contact with me on Skype/Facebook.