Nioh: Complete Edition

three-D Vision repair for Nioh: Complete Edition.

– All haloing issues (smoke, water, refraction results, and many others).
– Shadows, decals, and lights. Almost completely. Some cutscenes could be a bit faulty for some explanation why, or some places the place you’re at an excessively top altitude.
– Clipping of lights and decals.
– Water reflections.
– Light shafts.
– Sun/moon lights within the sky (for many scenarios).
– Stereoized parallax occlusion mapping.
– Some geometry that was once double stereoized.
– Tweakable HUD intensity and toggling. Keep in thoughts that the enemy and persona viewer on the planet map is tied to the HUD, so the whole scene can have further intensity in the event you building up HUD intensity there.
– Automatic low convergence preset for cutscenes (it detects the intensity of box shader to cause it).

– Download this document and extract its contents within the “Nioh” folder, the place “nioh.exe” is.
– Launch the sport and let it overwrite the profile.
– Don’t use movement blur (it is within the choices).

– F1: convergence presets.
– F2: HUD intensity presets.
– F3: HUD toggle. Not disabled by means of default.
– F4: intensity of box toggle (it handiest seems in cutscenes). Not disabled by means of default.
– F5: protagonist beard toggle whilst you use the default or lengthy beard. Not disabled by means of default.
– F6: it disables one compute shader in rate of a few lights spots (like sanctuaries). Just in case you need to extend efficiency a bit of. Not disabled by means of default.
– 5 (now not the numpad): bloom toggle. Not disabled by means of default.
– 6 (now not the numpad): parallax occlusion mapping energy multiplier presets (0, 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3). x1 by means of default. I do not suggest going over the default surroundings as a result of it might glance a bit of unusual.
– 7 (now not the numpad): an experimental (i.e. lovely pointless) surroundings with three presets to place lights at complete intensity, at 66% of floor intensity, after which at floor intensity. By default it is at floor intensity, which is what you should utilize except you’re curious in regards to the different settings.

8 (now not the numpad): display house reflections high quality multiplier presets (2, 4, 8, 16, 0, 1). x1 by means of default. This does not keep an eye on answer. It will increase the quantity of geometry mirrored. There is a efficiency value whilst you building up this, however it is not too unhealthy. Examples: ssr x1, ssr x8.
If you really liked the repair and wish to give a contribution for extra long term fixes, you’ll donate to this PayPal account: [email protected]