New app warns you before an earthquake strikes


As earthquake waves ripple out from a unstable fault line to the center of a town, mere seconds of data that the shakes are coming can save lives.

That’s in step with the City of Los Angeles and professionals who say that an earthquake early caution (EEW) device, which screens seismic waves and notifies other folks when it detects that an earthquake is at the means, is an impressive option to mitigate hurt. 

“We’ve in the past mentioned earthquakes as no caution occasions,” Dr. Lori Peek, the director of the herbal hazards middle on the University of Colorado, Boulder, informed Mashable over the telephone. “In an earthquake, if you know what to do, and if you have a couple of seconds, you could possibly drop, duvet, and grasp on. And that actually could make the variation between who lives, who’s injured, and who dies.” Read extra…

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