Kutten Up! | @ Kc Master Kutz | iPhone Repair Visit

Kutten Up! -Cutting your fingers too!

TIP- USE Packing Tape to cover the cracked glass on your cracked iPhone screen till you get it fixed. And you won’t cut or be picking glass shards out of your fingers.

The Post

I often receive calls from local small business owners in need of a fast visit to repair their busted iPhone. And from time to time I showcase them on my blog here. So let me introduce the barbers over at KC Master Kutz.

These smooth move barbers really know how to line your fade up! 

I received a call last Friday to stop by and repair a local barbers iPhone 7+. I was on my way after my previously scheduled morning appointment. I arrived and found that not only were these Barbers on point with their awesome shop. But they had the Jamz to make the shops atmosphere really vibe. I do get opportunity’s to visit local business’s here in Kansas City. And find many of them uneventful or special in their own way. But walking in to KC Master Kutz I immediately felt at home with the shops vibe & music pumping out of the bluetooth. The tool chests as barber work stations really made the place just original. In it’s own right this place is awesome. But the guy’s that run this joint. Honestly made me feel like one of the team and welcome. You can’t get that level of instant friendship at most barber shops. Anyway’s I had a job to do.

I first grabbed a unused barber station to work my magic on Kevin’s iPhone 7+. It wasn’t as bad as some I see. But it was to the point he was getting shards of sharp glass stuck into his hands. So it was time to get it fixed up. As I worked my magic on this iPhone these guy’s were jamming to some old school beats. Immediately I recognized the music as the same I listen to. Even changing it up every few minutes. Felt like a party! MAN! LOL

Anyway’s I finished the iPhone screen repair. And turned it on. Scrolling to settings and looking to see if needed updating. And it did. So usually I wouldn’t stay and update the software. But I did. One thing about being the “iPhone Doc”. Everyone has an issue they want you to check out. So I did a few diagnostic tests on both barbers iPhones. As a courtesy since the place was not only my kind of place. But these two guy’s really were just stand up guy’s.

So before I was on my way out

I snapped a few pics to showcase on here. And this blog post is coming to an end. But If you want to know more about this place. Here is a link to their online page. And if you find yourself needing a fade or general barber. You can’t go wrong with this team of guy’s. I want to “Thank and throw some Props to the guys at KC Master Kutz.”


Mike W.
Kc iPhone Doctor