Just how messed up is California?

When I used to be a wee lad, California shone like a beacon for the remainder of the rustic, attracting other people from sea to shining sea.  Those days are lengthy long past because the State has devolved right into a damage of epic proportions.  Here are two vignettes appearing simply how jacked up the Golden State is.

Item the primary: No pets for you!

Rod emails to indicate that there is reputedly not anything so mundane as to keep away from the all seeing gaze of the California Government:

California will put a muzzle at the retail gross sales of canines, cats and rabbits starting Tuesday, the byproduct of a brand new legislation designed to curtail pet turbines and amplify puppy protections.

The law, Assembly Bill 485, says retail outlets can promote the animals provided that they arrive from native rescue teams, shelters and animal keep an eye on businesses.

This may not impact the higher center magnificence, after all – they get their natural bred doggies immediately from “excellent” breeders.  Instead, it is making it tougher for poorer other people to get pets for his or her youngsters.  The “Progressives” was anti-progressive so step by step that folks did not understand.  This type of Upper Middle Class SWPL bull hockey is most probably the most important reason why for the cratering of the State.

The State’s “High Speed Rail” to nowhere venture is lower from the similar material.

Item the second one: No pot for you!

California legalized pot with nice fanfare, and the State budgeted in keeping with anticipated huge tax revenues from criminal pot gross sales.  The gross sales (and taxes) aren’t materializing:

“After citizens legalized marijuana two years in the past below Proposition 64, state officers estimated in there could be as many as 6,000 hashish stores approved within the first few years. But the state Bureau of Cannabis Control has issued simply 547 transient and annual licenses to marijuana retail retail outlets and dispensaries,” the Los Angeles Times reported

Welcome to the sector of rules and taxes, potheads. 

Potheads stated for years “legalize it.” 

Be cautious of what you want for. 

“The hashish trade is being choked by means of California’s penchant for over-regulation. It’s unimaginable to unravel all the issues with no drastic rewrite of the legislation, which is no longer within the playing cards for the foreseeable long term,” Dale Gieringer, director of California NORML, advised the Times.

Not best has the everyday California extra and opaque legislation decreased the selection of stores by means of 90%, the State, Local, and Excise taxes elevate the cost of criminal weed above the cost of black marketplace weed.  So getting it from Your Guy is no longer best extra handy however it is more cost effective.
And the State wonders why tax income is quick $150M?  The silly state cannot even promote dope to stoners.