It’s time for manufacturers to ditch custom UI’s for stock Android

Before I start, I’m penning this utterly from an HTC consumer standpoint. I perceive there are different manufacturers in the market, however my revel in of alternative manufacturers is restricted, in case your reports are other or you’ve the rest to upload from the opposite facet of the fence, I’d love to learn your feedback.

“We’ve come a ways child.”

Since the primary Android telephone in 2008 from HTC, we’ve noticed a complete spectrum of “skins” or custom User Interfaces from a lot of manufacturers in accordance with the Android OS. Ten years in the past, it’s what looked like the one approach to benefit from the naked bones Android and introduce new options that stock device was once missing. In 2009 HTC launched the HTC Hero (my first Android telephone) working emblem new HTC Sense which was once the metaphorical springboard to the Android revel in now we have far and wide nowadays.

However, to the tech-savvy consumer, an Android pores and skin is, at best possible, an pointless inconvenience. More incessantly, it’s a clunky, no longer cool, pretend style observation by means of manufacturers who’re obviously out of contact with consumer expectancies.

Ask any Android fanboy and also you’ll most often listen two issues of view: Android is healthier than iOS, and the nearer to stock (or AOSP), the easier. I’d have to agree, then again, this hasn’t at all times been my mantra. Ever for the reason that first Android pores and skin seemed within the type of HTC Sense, long ago in 2009, I used to be satisfied that custom UI was once the one approach to in point of fact benefit from the Android cell revel in. It was once one thing they did in point of fact smartly and made the Android revel in simple and amusing, with out an excessive amount of bloat.

So what can we get after we purchase a tool with out stock Android? The conventional arguments in opposition to skins and producer tweaks are plentiful, listed below are a couple of:

  • Skins are typically uglier than Stock Android
  • They come with bloatware or replica apps
  • Your telephone’s efficiency will endure
  • Material design is mainly nonexistent
  • Updates come much less incessantly, if in any respect
  • The core Android revel in will get perplexed
  • Your battery lifestyles will endure

Until the remaining 12 months or two, I wouldn’t have agreed with many of those issues. However gazing the fast enlargement of Google’s homegrown Pixel line (Successor of Nexus) and evaluating them with my 9-year unbroken dating streak with HTC and HTC sense, I’m seeing much less and not more proof to persuade me that producer UI is the way in which to pass. Often pronouncing to myself “I’m so closely invested within the Google infrastructure and device suite, do I even want HTC Sense?” — I in finding myself being an increasing number of annoyed by means of the twists and turns status between me and helpful options, hindering my productiveness.

Photo by Hugh Han on Unsplash
Photo by means of Hugh Han on Unsplash

In a sea of manufacturers who’re all preventing for marketplace proportion, is there room for segregated UI reports anymore? I’ve been an HTC consumer for just about 10 years, I preferred HTC sense and I’ve by no means regarded as leaving as a result of I didn’t need to modify my behavior and be told a brand new UI. I used to be satisfied, however as developments in digicam device and design language growth and producer device updates get left in the back of, no longer to point out the fast downturn of HTC’s industry. So I’m left right here feeling misplaced and questioning: is it time to exchange the sport?

… Given the selection, how do you want that introduced to you? Factory unlocked stock android revel in that comes at a top class. Manufacturer Custom UI with slight worth additionally at top class worth. Or Locked Carrier UI with unit worth aid.

— Darren Millar (@darrenmillar) November 2, 2018

I haven’t any regrets in admitting I like HTC hardware however I’ve began to fall out of affection with the consumer revel in. Simple issues that are meant to simply paintings, don’t. Software updates, even though nonetheless among the quickest within the trade, are changing into behind schedule. Imagine for a minute that every one device was once created equivalent (please don’t point out iOS) and the hardware was once the variable. If this was once the case, customers like me would possibly develop into extra adventurous with their hardware possible choices, figuring out the UI was once going to be the similar whichever street they picked. I’d pass so far as pronouncing that I’m scared to transfer to any other producer in case I simply can’t develop into buddies with the consumer revel in. In a global of $1000 flagships, who can in point of fact come up with the money for to be daring sufficient to flip-flop between manufacturers with out the reassurance of a continuing consumer revel in which is in the end on the mercy of the device.

However cliché it could sound, I suppose the most productive model of Android is what works best possible for you, however what do you suppose? Is it time to undertake a common Android revel in and let the consumer select a telephone based totally purely on design and lines? I feel I’m able for that long run.