iPhone X VS Samsung Galaxy Note 8

iPhone X VS Samsung Galaxy Note 8
iPhone X VS Samsung Galaxy Note 8

iPhone X VS Samsung Galaxy Note 8

when it comes to technology there’s
often two products that go head-to-head
in a fight for dominance
there’s Amazon echo versus Google home
Xbox one X up against PlayStation for
pro and of course PC versus Mac but when

it comes to premium smartphones right
now it doesn’t get any bigger than
iPhone 10 and Samsung galaxys note eight
so in this post we’re gonna pit Apple’s
iPhone 10

up against Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 let’s
see which device comes out on top
between two rivals and the respective
flagship devices before we begin we
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content number one let’s start off with

both the iPhone 10 and Galaxy
Note 8 have a thin and tall body almost
an edge-to-edge screen no home button
and the iPhone 10 has a slightly wider
design and more rounded edges the iPhone
10 has that stupid notch at the top of
the screen where the camera and some
sensors are even though Samsung has an

83% screen to body ratio which is
slightly more than the iPhone tens 81
and a half percent screen to body ratio
Samsung does have bigger bezels at the
top and bottom than the iPhone 10 Galaxy
Note 8 is also relatively heavy at 195
grams compared to only 174 grams with
the iPhone 10 both phones are sleek with
premium materials and they both come in
a couple of different color options

they’re both waterproof though Samsung
pulls ahead here with an IP 68 rating
over Apple’s IP 67 the back of the
devices are similar but iPhone 10 has a
pretty pronounced camera bump while the
Galaxy Note 8 does not underneath the

Samsung has its USB C slot headphone
jack and stylus pen tucked inside Apple
loses marks for ditching the
three-and-a-half millimeter headphone
jack forcing users to go wireless or use
an adapter to plug into the lightning
connector overall on design Sam
wins next up screens

both the Galaxy
Note 8 and iPhone 10 have stunning OLED
displays for better contrast brightness
and more vivid colors in fact Apple
makes the OLED screen for Apple
Samsung’s is a little bigger at six
point three inches compared to iPhone
10’s five point eight inch display both

iPhone 10 and Samsung screens are
slightly curved around the edges the
note eight also has greater pixel
density at 521 pixels per inch compared
to iPhone 10’s 458 pixels per inch they
have similar aspect ratios though at
eighteen and a half by nine for Samsung

and closer to nineteen and a half by
nine for Apple colour reproduction is
comparable between the two phones but
Apple does edge ahead in the brightness
department for screens it’s a virtual
tie between iPhone 10 and Galaxy Note 8
number three interface

both touchscreen phones heavily utilize
gestures taps flicks and pinches plus
you can swipe in with your thumb on the
edge of the note 8 to access apps edge
and people edge for quick access to
applications and people by swiping in on
the side iPhone 10 has no fingerprint
sensor so the only biometrics is face ID
which is secure and fast but not

Samsung has a retina scan facial scan
and fingerprint sensor on the back when
it comes to personal assistance
Apple has Siri and Samsung has vixx V
and Google assistant and speaking of
interface the note 8 also has a Samsung
S Pen a high tech stylus tucked

underneath the device for when you want
greater precision also with Samsung you
can truly multitask by pinning two apps
on the screen at once like watching a
video on the bottom of the device while
browsing the web on top with any iPhone
you can’t have two side by side apps or
one on top of the other but iPhone has
3d touch which is great the winner in
the interface Department though is the
Galaxy Note 8 number four speeds and
how does the iPhone 10 compared to the
note 8

when it comes to the processor
iPhone tens a 11 Bionic chip does
outperform Samsung Snapdragon 835 but
both are blazingly fast which is what
you’d expect in a $1000 plus smart phone
but Samsung pulls ahead of Apple when it
comes to system memory at 16 gigs of RAM

which is double what iPhone 10 has under
the hood at 3 gigs when it comes to
storage there’s a 64 gigabyte version of
iPhone 10 to go up against Samsung 64
gig model the only one available but
Apple does have a 256 gig storage model

too but with Samsung you can add an
inexpensive microSD memory card so
Samsung still ends up as the winner here
but when you look at the processor
memory and storage specs it’s basically

a tie plus Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8
offers faster cellular speeds over
iPhone 10 number five cameras another
tough category for the two as they both

fare very well between photo and video
quality speed and shooting options both
iPhone 10 and Samsung Galaxy Note 8 do
very well both have dual cameras on the
back a pair of 12 megapixel sensors one
telephoto and one wide-angle and both
lenses have optical image stabilization

fast autofocus and great low-light
performance both devices can do great
depth of field shots or a bouquet effect
for portraits when the background is
blurred behind the subject but Samsung

lets you adjust the amount of blur with
a slider bar plus when it takes a photo
it saves both a wide-angle and telephoto
image to choose from even after the fact
colors are bolder on iphone 10 but note
8 seems to produce warmer shots both
have high dynamic range or HDR support
and both can shoot 4k video at 60 frames
per second when playing back video audio
quality is better through apples
speakers than Samsung

and on the front-facing camera apples
true depth camera is quite amazing and
the an emojis while gimmicky is a great
idea Apple and Samsung are tied when it
comes to camera quality and features
some things are better with Apple while
other features are dominated by Samsung
number six battery life

Apple has made
some marked improvements over the years
to its battery performance and the
iPhone 10 does win here by a little even
with Samsung’s bigger battery a 3300
milliamp battery compared to Apple’s
2,700 milliamp iPhone 10 manages to
squeeze in another 30 minutes or so
according to many benchmark tests by
third parties keep in mind though

samsung also has its always-on display
that shows you things like the time
power calendar appointments missed calls
notes and more but it doesn’t consume
much power both phones support wireless
charging but Samsung’s device charges up
much faster than the iPhone 10 when it
comes to battery life speed of charging
and wireless support Apple and Samsung

are tied alright let’s wrap up with the
conclusion and declare a winner it
should be noted there are other
similarities between these two devices

including number of apps call quality
mobile payment support and so on and
they do each have their own pros and
cons even on the operating system-level
Android has many benefits over iOS and
the other way around

any way you slice it the note 8 is the
best Samsung phone ever created while
the iPhone 10 is the best iPhone money

can buy but when push comes to shove the
winner goes to Samsung the Galaxy Note 8
is a better device overall though iPhone
10 outshines the note 8 in a couple of
areas hey thanks for reading
let us know in the
comments section what you think about
iPhone 10 versus the Galaxy Note 8 do
you agree with our winner why or why not