Huge Collection of Apple Computers Up for Sale as Longtime Austrian Repairman Goes Out of Business

Roland Borsky, an Apple pc repairman in Vienna, Austria, has accrued a non-public assortment of 1,100 Apple computer systems that he is picked up through the years.

At 1,100 machines, his assortment dwarfs the gathering of computer systems on the Apple Museum in Prague, which claims to have the sector’s greatest non-public assortment of Apple merchandise. “Just as others acquire automobiles and reside in slightly field to manage to pay for them, so it’s with me,” he mentioned.

There’s little element at the complete extent of his assortment, however in step with Reuters, Borsky is looking for a purchaser as he can now not manage to pay for the hire at the warehouse the place the computer systems are held.

Borsky informed Reuters that his industry has dried up after Apple opened its first retailer in Vienna in February, taking up maintenance that was once executed by means of restore companies like his. Parts have additionally grow to be more difficult to interchange on Apple units.

Borsky is hoping to discover a benefactor who can pay 20,000 to 30,000 euros ($23,000 to $35,000) for his assortment and who will put it on show. “I might be happy whether it is merely placed on show any place… so other folks can see it,” Borsky informed Reuters.

Some of his computer systems are on show in brief reveals in Vienna, however he desires to discover a everlasting house for the apparatus.

If he is not able to discover a purchaser, Borsky fears that his assortment might be discarded. “It’ll be shredded. That is what bothers me essentially the most as a result of I will’t these days hire a cupboard space that I will manage to pay for,” he mentioned.
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