Hardware fix iPhone 6S no display after booting

We gained an iPhone 6S to fix, the issue is that the iPhone 6S LCD display screen has no display after booting. This iPhone 6S has been repaired as soon as on account of different issues, we want to restore it. 

Use telephone opening equipment to disassemble the iPhone 6S, after which use DPS DC energy provide as well iPhone, the iPhone will also be became on easily.
Install the iPhone battery, compile the iPhone, press the iPhone energy button to activate iPhone via via iPhone battery, the iPhone is became on, however the iPhone LCD display screen does not display.
Considering the voltage of iPhone batter is 3.6V to 4.3V, so we alter the DPS DC energy provide to the bottom worth 3.6V, the end result examined is that the iPhone does not display after booting.
According to our restore enjoy, on this case, the iPhone no display drawback is led to via the low display spice up.
Check iPhone schematic diagram via via WUXINJI Dongle, in line with iPhone 6S schematic diagram, we all know that the iPhone display spice up capacitor are C4007 and C4008.

With the assistance of the QUICK 861DW scorching air transform station and tweezers, we take away those 2 items capacitors easily, after which set up the brand new capacitors.
Assemble the iPhone 6S and take a look at it, now the iPhone 6S presentations typically after booting.