Fortnite Season 6 update hub: A chilly new trap and more in 6.01

Fortnite Season 6 is easily underway, and this season is shaping as much as be a spooky one. The island in the center of loot lake has taken to the skies with the facility of the mysterious red dice, and a wide variety of new landmarks have popped up across the map.

To make it more straightforward so that you can stay monitor of the consistent adjustments, we’ve assembled all the Fortnite updates, restricted sport modes, patch notes, and more underneath. Be certain to test again continuously to stick on best of the most recent weapon and merchandise updates, new spaces, emotes, and a lot more!

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Fortnite update: The Latest

Fortnite Battle Royale model 6.01 update evaluation

Release date: October 3, 2018

Just over per week after the beginning of Season 6, the primary main update introduces a number of new candies to the sector’s hottest sport. Most significantly a new trap was once added for the primary time in ages: the Chiller. Check out the overall Fortnite update 6.01 patch notes underneath!

Limited Time Modes


  • Playground continues to be to be had in Fortnite update 6.01.
  • New settings: beginning well being, time of day, gravity, and more.

Weapons and Items

New Trap: Chiller

  • A new not unusual rarity trap referred to as the Chiller has been added.
  • Friends or foes who cause the Chiller will probably be inflicted with icy toes, inflicting them to slip uncontrollably.
  • It will also be put on flooring, partitions, and ceilings.
  • Drops in stacks of 3.
  • Available from Treasure Chests, Supply Drops, Vending Machines, Supply Llamas, and ground loot.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a computer virus inflicting avid gamers to lose regulate of cars.


  • Improved controls at the Switch.

Bug Fixes

  • Pets now disappear with the participant fashion when the digital camera is shut.
  • Fancy Tomato hit field greater to compare visuals.


  • Glider audio now muffled if no transparent line of sight between avid gamers.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a computer virus inflicting fallacious audio to play when a teammate is eradicated.


  • Traps now correctly show megastar rarity rankings.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a computer virus that avoided cellular avid gamers from interacting with pieces.

Fortnite update historical past

Fortnite Battle Royale model 6.00 update evaluation

Release date: September 27, 2018

Fortnite update 6.00 kicks off season 6 with a boo! It introduces pets, shadow stones, and a couple of spooky additions to the ever-changing map structure. Epic Games is making the most of the truth that Halloween happens proper in the center of the season with a lot of new Halloween-themed skins, pieces, and spaces to discover. Plus, as all the time, a emblem new Battle Pass with over 100 distinctive rewards to assemble.

Weapons and Items

  • Impulse Grenade, Suppressed Submachine Gun, Light Machine Gun, Bouncer, and Remote Explosives were added to the vault.
  • Each merchandise will stay to be had in Playground mode.

Shadow Stones

  • Shadow Stones can now be discovered floating across the corrupted spaces of the map.
  • Consuming a Shadow Stone enters you into Shadow Form for 45 seconds.
    • While in Shadow Form, you can’t hearth guns, however change into invisible whilst desk bound.
    • You additionally transfer quicker and change into proof against fall injury.
    • Shadow Form grants the power to Phase ahead via urgent the principle hearth button.
    • Phasing lets you cross thru partitions.
    • Shadow Form will also be ended early via conserving alt hearth.

Weapon Changes

  • Shooting a transferring automobile with a Grappler will now upload that automobile’s momentum in your release pressure.
  • Grapplers now have 10 fees, down from 15.
  • Double Barrel injury decreased somewhat to 143 and 114, down from 150 and 120.
  • Dual Pistols now spawn out of doors of chests somewhat much less ceaselessly.

Bug Fixes

  • Various problems led to via the usage of a Grappler whilst in a automobile or whilst the usage of a release pad.
  • Visual insects attributable to Grappler use.
  • Heavy Sniper reload animation now fits timing of bullet reload.

Fortnite update Season 6 map changes

Map adjustments

Floating Island

  • The island in the center of Loot Lake is now floating with the facility of the red dice.
  • Entering the vortex underneath the island will ship you flying into the air.
  • Loot spawns and a couple of destructible items spawn at the island.

Corrupted Areas

  • Several corrupted spaces have gave the impression across the map.
  • Each house spawns Shadow Stones, a new merchandise in Fortnite Season 6.

Corn Fields

  • Several spooky corn fields have spawned in the Fatal Fields.
  • Entering the corn fields reduces your visibility dramatically, so input at your personal possibility.
  • Fields will also be destroyed via swinging your ax like a horror film villain.

Haunted Castle

  • A Haunted Castle can now be discovered on the best of the Haunted Hills.
  • Loot and chests spawn in and across the fortress.


  • Starting with the fourth secure zone, the zone starts shrinking faster however takes longer to complete shrinking.
  • Final secure zones (7 and up) are greater.
  • Moving secure zones in the late-game now transfer 50% additional.


  • Three lovely pets were added to the sport.
  • They are to be had as Battle Pass rewards.
  • Pets grasp from your backpack, and react to positive scenarios via growling, cowering, and more.


  • You can now construct freely whilst using a buying groceries cart.
  • Wire fences now block trap placement.
  • Console avid gamers will now be queued with different avid gamers the usage of the similar enter way (controller or mouse and keyboard).

Bug Fixes

  • Rotation values are actually despatched to the server more ceaselessly, ensuing in different participant rotations and aiming showing more correctly.
  • Acceleration values are now not despatched to the server inaccurately, getting rid of jittery motion whilst skydiving.


  • Smoothed gameplay at the Switch with Improved texture binding.
  • Improvements to efficiency whilst many avid gamers are at the display screen.
  • Supply drop motion will now seem more clean.
  • Android units working Vulkan will now revel in higher efficiency.
    • This comprises the Adreno variants of the S9+ and Note 9.
  • Mobile reminiscence utilization optimized whilst working a number of apps in the background.


  • You can now select the song that performs in the locker room.
  • Unlock more songs by means of the Season 6 Battle Pass.
  • Footsteps above or underneath you are actually more straightforward to position.
    • Footsteps above have a better pitch, and footsteps underneath have a deeper pitch.
  • Glider opening and final sounds can now be heard from farther away.
  • Audio vary whilst skydiving now fits that of gliding.
  • Gliding previous every other participant will now play a “automotive cross via” sound.


  • Locker structure up to date to suit more merchandise sorts.

Art and Animation

  • Storm animations were advanced.
  • Rain and lighting fixtures results are actually more greater because the hurricane intensifies.

Replay System

  • Certain settings are actually hidden whilst intensity of box is toggled off.
  • Input settings now paintings accurately in replays.
  • Third particular person digital camera settings are actually inverted to compare  different cameras.

Bug Fixes

  • Third particular person digital camera inverted settings now paintings correctly.
  • Inventory is now not obtainable whilst in a replay.
  • Fixed a topic skipping ahead whilst paused.
  • Fixed a number of problems with well being bars whilst in replays.
  • Fixed a topic with the drone connect digital camera place.


  • Tool-tips for pieces now show more persistently.

Bug Fixes

  • Turn fee for the Guided Rocket now fits different platforms.
  • Map controls on a marginally display screen now paintings correctly.
  • Fixed a topic with show settings at the Note 9.

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