Five good Clash Royale decks showcased at the World Finals

Good Clash Royale Decks Featured

The first Clash Royale League World Finals have come to a detailed with China’s Nova Esports taking house the victory. The motion left us with a host of recent decks and distinctive methods to try, so we’ve finished the laborious paintings and put in combination an inventory of five good Clash Royale decks showcased at the World Finals. With Global Tournaments rolling out in the newest Clash Royale replace, now could be the time to extend your deck possible choices and get started racking up the ones prizes!

PONOS Sports Raiki Jones – Royal Giant/Lightning

Raiki Jones Royal Giant Lightning good Clash Royale decks


Barbarian Barrel, Guards, Mega Minion, Inferno Dragon
Furnace, Baby Dragon, Lightning, Royal Giant

The Japanese squad would possibly no longer have made it to the finals, however the crowd favorites confirmed up in taste and submit a good struggle. In their fit with the North American representatives Immortals, Raiki Jones controlled to take down thegod_rf with this deck and set his workforce up for a King of the Hill victory.

With the Furnace offering consistent drive, Raiki Jones may just play his Royal Giant at the back of his King Tower

Royal Giant and Lightning were the foundation for various good Clash Royale decks, however the addition of Furnace gave Raiki Jones simply the spice up he wanted. The consistent drive put his opponent at an elixir drawback, which he then capitalized on with a large Royal Giant push.

Unlike maximum Western gamers, he additionally performed the Royal Giant at the back of the king tower, giving himself much more time to construct his push. Most gamers don’t do that as it provides your opponent quite a lot of time to react with a handy guide a rough counter-push or get ready their defenses, however with the added Furnace drive thegod_rf needed to both react instantly or consume chip injury from the ever spawning Fire Spirits.

Nova Esports Little Shen – Targeted Bait deck

Little Shen targeted bait good Clash Royale decks


Bats, Goblin Gang, Dart Goblin, Princess
Goblin Barrel, Skeleton Army, Royal Giant, Mega Knight

This ordinary deck made it onto our checklist of good Clash Royale decks from the World Finals for a unmarried reason why: it used to be created particularly to take down Vivo Keyd Javi14’s deck in the previous few fits of the CRL World Finals.

Visa problems supposed Vivo Keyd simplest had three gamers, and warring parties may just scout out all in their decks

Due to visa problems the Latin American workforce Vivo Keyd may just simplest box three gamers, that means that Little Shen and his coaches had quite a lot of time to get a hold of a counter for one of Javi14’s favourite decks. The consequence takes the conventional spell bait deck to the subsequent degree with the addition of Skeleton Army and a pocket Royal Giant.

With simply Zap and Fireball, Javi14 didn’t have sufficient to decelerate the drive. Little Shen additionally held Royal Giant till the remaining moments prior to double elixir time, catching Javi14 utterly off guard. This proved to be any such good counter that Little Shen pulled it out for a 2d time in the 3rd sport of the collection to take house the win and in the end the cup. This presentations simply how a lot of a bonus it may be to get good scouting details about your opponent.

Vivo Keyd Javi14 – Lava/Miner

Javi14 Lava Miner good Clash Royale decks


Barbarian Barrel, Miner, Tombstone, Mega Minion
Baby Dragon, Fireball, Inferno Dragon, Lava Hound

Immediately after his loss to the deck above, Javi14 got here again swinging with this Lava/Miner deck. Rather than both Poison, Zap, or Lightning spells to again up his push, this deck depends on Fireball and Barbarian Barrel as its simplest spells.

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By putting his Lava Hound in the some distance nook at the back of his Princess towers, Javi14 used to be in a position to slide previous defenses performed too deep in the reverse lane. Once the Lava Hound arrived at the tower, he held his fireball till simply prior to it popped, taking any protecting troops low sufficient to be destroyed by way of the Lava Pups.

Mega Minion and Baby Dragon are sufficient to protect towards swarms of enemies, and the Inferno Dragon makes fast paintings of beefy objectives as they’re pulled apart by way of the Tombstone. The ultimate nail in the coffin for this fit used to be the Miner, which might simply get unfastened hits on the tower whilst Little Shen struggled with the counter-pushes and Lava Hounds creeping throughout the river.

King-zone DragonX X-bow Master – Golem/Night Witch

xbow Master Golem Night Witch good Clash Royale decks


Log, Bats, Zap, Clone
Lumberjack, Night witch, Electro Dragon, Golem

In their fit towards eventual champions Nova Esports in the semi-finals, King-zone DragonX’s X-bow Master made a giant mistake by way of shedding a Golem at the back of his King Tower early in the fit. His opponent Lciop instantly punished with a Lumberjack and Battle Ram push that destroyed X-bow Master’s Princess Towers simply over a minute into the fit.

He didn’t surrender even though, and held directly to his key Clone spell till simply the proper second. While his opponent concept he had the very best counter to Golem with Pekka, a take hold of Clone put greater than 15 raged up Bats to paintings on a Princess Tower. After observing his lead evaporate straight away, Lciop used to be by no means in a position to get well and in the end misplaced the fit.

The primary manner this deck differs from the vintage Golem/Night Witch archetype is the addition of one of this yr’s new Clash Royale playing cards: Electro Dragon. It essentially carried out protection accountability towards charging devices and swarms. However, it didn’t have a significant impact in this or any fit in the event. Time will inform if it makes it into a few of the easiest Clash Royale decks in the CRL common season, however in the finish fan considerations over its loss of steadiness have proved unfounded.

Nova Esports Legend’s Zappies 3M

Legend Zappies 3 Musketeers good Clash Royale decks


Log, Ice Golem, Bandit, Royal Ghost
Battle Ram, Zappies, Elixir Pump, Three Musketeers

Nova Esports would possibly have are available in as the event favourite, however few have been anticipating to look Legend take the degree over his extra a success teammates. However, he pulled out a number of good Clash Royale decks and took house the simplest King of the Hill sweep of the event.

Zappies do not see a lot play outdoor of Asia, however Legend confirmed how helpful they are able to be on protection

We selected this deck to spotlight as it makes use of Zappies, which haven’t noticed a lot play outdoor of the Asian leagues. This deck depends on Ice Golem and Zappies to decelerate any charging attackers, with Bandit and Royal Ghost to offer maximum of the dps. Once the Zappies have taken down the attackers, they supply an ideal foundation for a counter-push along Battle Ram.

It’s tempting to assume that Elixir Pump and 3M would play a larger function, but if Legend noticed his opponent’s fast cycle deck, he (appropriately) assumed he used to be up towards a large spell card. As a consequence, he didn’t play Elixir Pump a unmarried time, and his opponent’s Rocket sat harmlessly for the period of the fit. This simply is going to turn that good Clash Royale decks can also be tailored to any state of affairs and are available out on best.

Good Clash Royale decks from the World Finals

I’m hoping you loved this checklist of good Clash Royale decks from the CRL World Finals. If you’re on the lookout for much more decks to experiment with, take a look at our checklist of the easiest Clash Royale decks from the common season of the Clash Royale League.

Did we omit any nice decks from the CRL World Finals? Let us know in the feedback!


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