Exclusive Releases • Hacker’s Keyboard v1.41.1 (Alpha) + All Dictionary

Hacker’s Keyboard v1.41.1 (Alpha) + All Dictionary
Requirements: Android 4.0+
Overview: Are you lacking the important thing format you might be used to out of your laptop? This keyboard has separate quantity keys, punctuation in the standard puts, and arrow keys. It is in response to the AOSP Gingerbread comfortable keyboard, so it helps multitouch for the modifier keys.





This keyboard is particularly helpful in the event you use ConnectBot for SSH get entry to. It supplies running Tab/Ctrl/Esc keys, and the arrow keys are very important for units that would not have a trackball or D-Pad.

HAVE FEEDBACK, QUESTIONS, OR BUG REPORTS? Please test https://code.google.com/p/hackerskeyboa … dQuestions or e-mail me. It’s tough to trace problems reported via assessment feedback.

Completion dictionaries are equipped via plug-in programs, see the “different programs via this developer” segment for the lately to be had checklist. The keyboard additionally helps use of dictionaries (however no longer keyboard layouts) equipped via AnySoftKeyboard language packs.

For additional info, please see the documentation:
https://code.google.com/p/hackerskeyboa … UsersGuide
https://code.google.com/p/hackerskeyboa … dQuestions
https://code.google.com/p/hackerskeyboa … hireNotes

In case an up to date model isn’t running for you, you’ll be able to obtain older releases right here:
https://code.google.com/p/hackerskeyboa … =-filename

Known problems come with:

– Localization for the keyboard format is incomplete, lately the Spanish, Finnish, Lao, Romanian, and Thai are simplest localized in 4-row mode and display the English QWERTY format in 5-row mode.

– Some languages and layouts is probably not usable for your telephone if it lacks the important fonts.

– Right-to-left languages (Arabic, Hebrew) are it sounds as if no longer totally supported on pre-Honeycomb units. Your mileage might range.

– Many programs do not react to further keys since they don’t seem to be programmed to maintain them.

The supported keyboard layouts come with:
– Armenian (Հայերեն)
– Arabic (العربية)
– Bulgarian (български език)
– Czech (Čeština)
– Danish (dansk)
– English Dvorak (language “en_DV”)
– English (QWERTY)
– English/British (en_GB)
– Finnish (Suomi)
– French (Français, AZERTY)
– German (Deutsch, QWERTZ)
– Greek (ελληνικά)
– Hebrew (עברית)
– Hungarian (Magyar)
– Italian (Italiano)
– Lao (ພາສາລາວ)
– Norwegian (Norsk bokmål)
– Persian (فارسی)
– Portugese (Português)
– Romanian (Română)
– Russian (Русский)
– Russian phonetic (Русский, ru-rPH)
– Serbian (Српски)
– Slovak (Slovenčina)
– Slovenian (Slovenščina)/Bosnian/Croatian/Latin Serbian
– Spanish (Español, Español Latinoamérica)
– Swedish (Svenska)
– Tamil (தமிழ்)
– Thai (ไทย)
– Turkish (Türkçe)
– Ukrainian (українська мова)

– Make arrow keys a tiny bit smaller in compact 5-row format
– Disable vertical correction that was once inflicting wrong keys to cause
– Apply fifth row scale issue to extension row too in 4-row portrait
– Delete useless code

Uploader’s Note For Downloader’s :
1. This is only a Share.
2. There is Nothing to Patch.
3. This is Ad’s FREE.
4. I’m Not a Patcher/Modder.
5. This APP has Rating 4.4 ‘s.
6. Content’s of ZIP File :

  1. Hacker’s Keyboard v1.41.1.apk
  2. HK Czech dictionary (Čeština) v1.4.apk
  3. HK Danish dictionary (Dansk) v1.4.apk
  4. HK English crowning glory dictionary v1.3.apk
  5. HK French dictionary (Français) v1.4.apk
  6. HK German dictionary (Deutsch) v1.4.apk
  7. HK Hebrew dictionary (עברית)v1.4.apk
  8. HK Italian dictionary (Italiano) v1.4.apk
  9. HK Portuguese dict (Português) v1.4.apk
  10. HK Russian dictionary (Русский) v1.4.apk
  11. HK Spanish dictionary (Español) v1.4.apk
  12. HK Swedish dictionary (Svenska) v1.4.apk
  13. HK Thai dictionary (ไทย) v1.4.apk
  14. HK Turkish dictionary (Türkçe) v1.4.apk
  15. HK Ukrainian dict (Українська) v1.4.apk

7. EnJoY. :D

This app has no commercials

More Info:


https://play.google.com/retailer/apps/main points?identity=org.pocketworkstation.pckeyboard

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