Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

3-d Vision repair for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, together with graphics choices for cel shading, some non not obligatory intensity of box, and extra.

Update (2018-08-30): new options! Dinamic HUD, higher dynamic convergence (utilized by default this time), hotkeys associated with them, and the aggravating distortion impact is now mounted.

– Reflections.
– Refraction.
– Some wave results.
– Haloing problems.
– Distortion impact from some assaults and once in a while whilst you fly rapid.
– I’ve applied dynamic HUD intensity (in keeping with vertex by means of default).

Remaining problems
– Sun rays are not mounted (I have attempted one thing that advanced them just a little, however they’re nonetheless mistaken). Disable them within the ingame choices.

– Download this document and extract its contents within the “DB Xenoverse 2bin” folder, the place “DBXV2.exe” is.
– The repair triggers the Easy Anti Cheat coverage, so you’ll be able to’t play on-line with it. You have to visit the “DB Xenoverse 2EasyAntiCheat” folder and transfer “EasyAntiCheat_x64.dll” to another position, like its dad or mum folder. That manner you are able to play the sport. For the latest model of the sport, the one technique to play with the repair is operating “DBXV2.exe” immediately.
– Boot the sport. The repair features a default convergence of “0.5”. Save your personal if it is too low or use the F1 hotkey. Also, test the dynamic convergence phase under.

Dynamic convergence
– The repair makes use of dynamic convergence by means of default, blended with the totally dynamic HUD preset. It will well transfer to low convergence + static HUD intensity in conversations and cutscenes, so subtitles and conversation packing containers are simple to learn and the scene is simple to look.
If you wish to have to disable dynamic convergence, remark or delete the “preset = Gameplay” strains from the “[ShaderOverrideHUD2ForSubtitles]” and “[ShaderOverrideHUDGreenBorder]” blocks.

– F1: convergence presets.
– F2: HUD intensity presets (apart from some parts that ruin others). Screen intensity by means of default. Some parts may have a little of variable intensity or have clipping problems.
– F3: HUD toggle.
– F4: surroundings cel shading power presets. Default power (x1) by means of default.
– F5: characters cel shading power presets. Default power (x1) by means of default.
– F6: bloom toggle. Not disabled by means of default.
– 3 (no longer the numpad): surroundings texture polishing presets. Default power (x1) by means of default.
– 4 (no longer the numpad): far-off intensity of box toggle, which seems even with DoF off (like Shenron within the distance). Not disabled by means of default.
– 8 (no longer the numpad): selection of samples for the dynamic HUD characteristic, which building up its accuracy. In this order, “250, 500, 1000, 2000, 4000”, and by means of default it is 1000. A prime selection of samples will increase GPU utilization considerably if the dynamic HUD is enabled.
– 9 (no longer the numpad): dynamic HUD presets, affecting NPC names, some interactive icons, and virtually all of the combat HUD. By default it is totally enabled. Press as soon as to disable it, two times to position the entirety on the intensity of the middle of the display screen, and three instances to completely allow it once more.
– XB_RIGHT_THUMB: low convergence (0.5) whilst you hang it. Use it if you wish to see particular assaults with low convergence, for instance (they do not cause a metamorphosis in dynamic convergence).

My preset
– I really like no longer the usage of surroundings cel shading in environments and just a bit in characters. This is a preset of mine (rename the document to “d3dx.ini”) that has the ones settings by means of default, except disabling texture polishing and disabling some DoF that cannot be disabled with ingame choices.
– Here is the document: https://s3.amazonaws.com/masterotaku/Dragon+Ball+Xenoverse+2/d3dx_mine.ini
Outdated. I did not trouble to copy it this time.

If you loved the repair and wish to give a contribution for extra long run fixes, you’ll be able to donate to this PayPal account: [email protected]