Designer Brings iMac G3 to Life With Cute iBot G3 Toy

Hong Kong-based dressmaker Philip Lee turns Apple’s Macs into collectible figurines, and his newest challenge, the iBot G3, brings the iMac G3 to lifestyles within the type of an lovely robotic.

The iBot G3, to be had in both Bondi Blue or Tangerine, takes the vintage iMac G3 design and anthropomorphizes it with a bit face, palms, and legs.

Apple’s iMac G3 is one of its maximum iconic merchandise, and the iBot G3 has been recreated faithfully with the teardrop-shaped enclosure constructed from translucent plastic and improbable element just like the CRT tube, ethernet ports, and air flow fan, created via injection molding tactics.

These little bots are collectible figurines and don’t seem to be useful, however each and every one ships with an identical keyboard and mouse. The palms, that are connected to the iBot G3 by means of magnets, may also be got rid of if you need an iBot that appears extra like a vintage Mac.

There isn’t any Apple branding or Apple trademarks at the iBot G3, as Cult of Mac issues out, which prevents Lee from operating into criminal troubles. The design of the iBot G3 is being finalized, however paintings at the toy is nearing of entirety.

Just were given a take a look at print from the manufacturing unit. We nonetheless want to fine-tune him, however we’re in reality glad about him.#classicbot #ibotg3 #ibot #playsometoys #designertoys #designertoy #designtoyart #designertoynation #arttoy #artyculture #arttoys #arttoyz #hongkongtoys #hongkongtoy #imacg3

— Philip lee (@Classicbot_toy) November 5, 2018

The iBot G3 is available in Bondi Blue or Tangerine and it’s priced at $39. Orders positioned now are set to send out in December 2018.
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