Desert typhoon: Zombie Survival APK Free Download

Desert storm: Zombie Survival APK Free Download
Desert typhoon: Zombie Survival APK Free Download

You shall be in a chaotic wilderness technology, with surprising and intense earthquake exposing numerous massive gaps on the planet, and unheard-of creatures indiscriminately attacking present creatures. Wake up after a coma in an earthquake, you are going to face starvation, thirst, beasts of beasts and monsters. It is an undead bone within the yellow sand, or it’s the grasp of this box, which takes time to ensure.

Android Version: 4.1+
●Ways of survival
Settle down in the one oasis, construct homes, develop greens, carry monsters, hoard sources, to find allies, and business.
●To be Strong
Making guns and protecting tools can spice up your battle effectiveness. Consolidate the station to protect in opposition to sandstorms and monster assaults. A workbench may also be constructed to supply the important sources and pieces.
●Resource acquisition
Grab the dear spoils from the enemy’s territory, to find wealthy transportation fabrics, and business with the sly traders.
●Explore the unknown
The extra bad where, the extra regularly it method the richer spoils. A shipwreck full of mysterious energy, a hidden analysis institute, a forest surrounded via storms…
The unknown global is ready so that you can discover!


Android Version: 4.1+
85 MB