Delete AirShou

AirShou is a name that is becoming well known now. It is a screen recorder app that anyone can install on their iOS device and the best part about it is, there is no need to jailbreak first. At one time, the only way could get a decent screen recorder app was through Cydia but more and more apps similar to those found in Cydia are becoming available without jailbreaks being needed. With the last jailbreak being PPHelper and the next one not expected for some time, there are quite a few people who have updated and are unable to jailbreak and that’s where apps like AirShou [about] come to the rescue.
Image : How to Delete AirShou
Installing AirShou isn’t quite as easy as downloading and installing an app from the app store but we have provided you with a fully detailed guide at the link below. We have aloo identified a number of issues that keep cropping up and have provided solutions where possible :
  • Download AirShou
  • Fix AirShou Not Working

How to Delete AirShou :

In some situations, you will find that deleting AirShou is the simplest way to solve a problem and then reinstalling it later on. Deleting it is simple, here’s how to do it:
  1. Unlock your iPhone or iPad screen
  2. On your home screen, locate the AirShou app [ do not open it ]
  3. On the AirShou icon, tap and hold until it starts to wiggle  
  4. Tap the cross in the corner of the wiggling app to delete it from your iOS device and the confirm in the next screen.