Dangerous Work

In the way back I used to be a RADAR tech operating on F-4J and F-4S combatants. One of the principle deployments we went on each and every 18 months used to be a 6 month stint in Iwakuni, Japan. There are at all times a few fighter squadrons in Iwakuni. Nowadays, the ones are F-18 squadrons.

Fighter squadrons are a captivating unit since the enlisted guy repair the airplane and the officials fly them into fight. And even if it isn’t fight, it is bad paintings. Those airplane function on the fringe of human design and human efficiency limits. We would repair the planes, then swimsuit them up, strap them in, and watch them move. Every time they landed safely used to be a just right day.

Yesterday, an F-18 stationed in Iwakuni collided with a KC-130 refueling tanker and each airplane went down within the Sea of Japan. As I write this, two survivors were situated and rescued. While the articles don’t seem to be announcing it but, I will be able to suppose that the survivors are the aircrew of the F-18. They would have had the chance to eject.

I be expecting the aircrew of the KC-130 didn’t live to tell the tale. Whatever harm they incurred, the workforce would were trapped within the airplane because it crashed within the water.

This is what that refueling evolution looks as if from the fighter on a transparent day in just right visibility. Practicing this at evening in scattered clouds would make it a lot more tricky and threatening.

Semper Fidelis.