Cydia iOS 11- Everything we know so far

With Apple’s word of notice on iOS 11 at the WWDC, we hear many stories in related to the latest iteration of Apple mobile operating system. While most of them are about its different feature setting, some exciting stories reveal about the road ahead of jailbreak iOS 11. So knowing you like getting everything from download to Cydia iOS 11 at a one place, I here write you everything we know so far. Read on and learn about iOS 11.

The release of latest beta updates on iOS 11 makes the freshest news these days that marks various additions and fixes to the operating system.  So anyone signed to the official Apple beta testing program either with a paid developer or free membership can reach the latest beta 3 and beta 2 respectively. These coming in identical frame adding new features, improvements, fixes to the operating system. And while all these go, iOS 10.3.2 remain signing the latest for 32/64 bit devices which will soon be changed once 10.3.3 brought over. In fact, iOS 10.3.3 is now at its 6th beta making us focus for a new software update soon within a week but no longer. 


iOS 11 Download for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch


As the biggest software Apple has ever planned in the carrier, iOS 11 arrests all our attention in all ways. If we start from its features, the things are not limitable for a post as it is home to tons of major and minor feature changes in focusing the best iOS experience for the user. So the Control Center is now redesigned and Notifications are better manageable. And in the side of Siri, it takes you to a whole new experience in upgrade of the voice in both male and female. Not only that, it also includes features to Photos app, syncing, App switcher, iMessages and each and every corner in the true implication of successor to iOS 10. So it is time for waiting until September to rock and roll iOS 11, but only for the listed devices as follows.

Jailbreak and Cydia iOS 11 with the First Demo


As an interesting fact from all hears about iOS 11, we find Cydia iOS 11 possibilities talked at the MOSEC. Thanks to KeenLab security researcher team, an iPhone 7 running iOS 11 beta has been jailbroken and shown entry to Cydia Download. Although this is not in purpose of any immediate tool updates, what been shown is attention winning as the first ever demo for iOS 11 in successful approaches to jailbreak. So taking this into view, we could hold up the hope of jailbreak iOS 11 to the future in the day iOS 11 is giving for the public rights. Then let us wait about how KeenLab going to carry on the plan of Cydia iOS 11 and in what changes it will come into the public as Apple doing a tougher job this time in making the operating system hard to mod. 

Why Cydia Download for iOS 11, watch the Video Below

We could expect the launch of iOS 11 with an extensive era of testing. So with time Cydia iOS 11 too will come in different faces while upgrading affects on security as well as feature setting. So stay tuned.