ColorFold by Martin Pluisch

ColorFold comes from Martin Pluisch.  It’s a Ribbon puzzle recreation. The object is to pull the ribbons around the board to hide squares of the similar colour.  Key: ribbons may also be folded, however no longer over any of the objective squares.

Colorbind (see hyperlink under) used to be the primary recreation to make use of this idea. It’s remarkable. Sadly, it is not to be had. It got here out in 2010. (Theoretically, outdated ipads that experience this recreation will have to be value extra!)

Let’s get again to ColorFold. It’s very identical and excellent.

What’s other
1. Random black squares are scattered within the grid to stop the motion of ribbons.
2. Wormholes: this can be a commonplace component in puzzle apps, however it is the first one in a ribbon recreation.
3. Forced Movement: when there are blue and tan ribbons, the blue ribbon forces an reverse motion in tan. Very attention-grabbing: there are a couple of ranges the place blue can stay going, however tan will get stopped.

There are 100 ranges and they are no longer too arduous. Which is just right as a result of I love feeling sensible.

Here’s an concept for long term puzzles: how about when a ribbon is going thru a wormhole, it comes out with a special colour?

Good recreation Martin!

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