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Clash Royale update

Welcome to our Clash Royale update hub! We’ll be gathering the entire legit balance adjustments and updates for Clash Royale as they’re launched through the Finnish large Supercell.

If you’re a hardcore Clasher, you’ll want to bookmark this web page to stick up-to-date on the newest buffs, nerfs, new recreation modes, and new playing cards for Clash Royale. Below you’ll in finding the latest update, adopted through an inventory of new playing cards from this season. Previous Clash Royale updates will also be discovered on the finish of the web page.

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Clash Royale Update: the newest

Clash Royale update: 10/1 Balance update assessment

Release date: October 1, 2018

This balance update for Clash Royale brings not anything however buffs to various playing cards, in addition to primary adjustments to the Royal Giant. The result of the group balance vote are in, and the massive winner is the Ice Wizard. His gradual now fits higher with the stun from his Electro better half.

Expect a go back of the cannon-wielding large to the ladder with a vital injury buff in this Clash Royale update. Don’t be too scared although, as a result of his vary nerf approach he’s more uncomplicated than ever to counter in case you come ready. Check out the entire patch notes under!

Clash Royale 10/1 Balance Update patch notes

Royal Giant remodel

  • Range diminished from 6.5 to 5.5.
    • Royal Giant now not out levels the Inferno Tower.
  • Damage higher through 60%.
  • Deploy time progressed from 2 seconds to 1 2nd.


  • Goblin Giant hitpoints higher through 6%.
  • Bomb Tower space injury higher through 5%
  • Goblin Hut spawns goblins quite sooner, from 5 seconds to 4.7 seconds.
  • An additional skeleton has been added to the Skeleton Army, which now spawns 15 skeletons.
  • Barbarian Barrel now rolls sooner, and the Barbarian within jumps out sooner as neatly.
  • Snowball injury higher through 10%.
  • Snowball gradual period higher from 2 seconds to 2.5 seconds.
  • Ice Wizard gradual period higher from 2 seconds to 2.5 seconds.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a worm giving towers quickly immunity to spells when re-targeting after a close-by Golem, Lava Hound, or Skeleton Barrel explode in vary.

Clash Royale: new playing cards

One of the secrets and techniques to Clash Royale’s good fortune is the consistent updates, adjustments, and new playing cards. A unmarried new card can open up lots of significant deck chances, and upload some longevity to the identify launched method again in 2016. The maximum just lately added playing cards and their next buffs/nerfs from each and every Clash Royale update are indexed under.

Goblin Giant new card clash royale Supercell

Goblin Giant

This jolly inexperienced Goblin Giant stomps in opposition to enemy structures. He carries two Spear Goblins all over he is going. It’s a unusual however useful association.

Release date: September 5, 2018

  • 6-elixir epic to be had in the Jungle Arena and upper.
  • Like the vintage large, goals handiest structures.
  • Moves sooner than large (medium vs gradual).
  • Much decrease hp than the opposite giants, however excellent at solo pushing.
  • Two Spear Goblins strapped to his again goal different playing cards independently/
  • Upon dying, the spear goblins bounce out of his backpack and proceed preventing.

Goblin Giant buffs

  • (10/1) Hitpoints +6%.

Royal Recruits new card clash royale Supercell

Royal Recruits

Deploys a line of recruits armed with spears, defend and wood buckets. They dream of ponies and one day sporting steel buckets.

Release date: August 7, 2018

  • 8-elixir not unusual to be had in the Royal Arena and upper.
  • Spawns a line of 6 troops horizontally around the enviornment.
  • Medium injury and hitpoints, however have a defend.
  • Great for protecting each lanes immediately in opposition to sturdy playing cards.
  • Can be break up inconsistently between the lanes 4-2 or 2-4 through adjusting the deployment level.

Royal Recruits buffs

  • (9/3) Damage higher through 12%
  • (9/3) Can now be break up inconsistently between lanes.

Royal Recruits nerfs

  • (Pre-release) Elixir value higher from 6 to 8.

Royal Hogs Giant snowball new cards clash royale Supercell

Royal Hogs

The King’s non-public pets are free! They like to chomp on apples and towers alike — who let the hogs out?

Release date: June 20, 2018

  • 5-elixir uncommon to be had in Hog Mountain and upper.
  • Spawns 4 helmet-wearing hogs that assault handiest structures.
  • Like the Hog Rider, the Royal Hogs can bounce over the river.
  • Move temporarily, however don’t do as a lot injury because the Hog Rider.
  • Moderate hitpoints.

Royal Hog buffs

  • (8/6) Delay ahead of preliminary assault diminished.

Royal Hog nerfs

  • (9/3) Hit velocity diminished from 1.2 seconds to 1.1 seconds.

Giant Snowball

It’s HUGE! Once it all started rolling down Frozen Peak, there used to be no preventing it. Enemies hit are knocked again and bogged down.

Release date: June 20, 2018

  • 2-elixir not unusual to be had in the Frozen Peak and upper.
  • Damages and knocks again flooring and air goals inside of its radius, just like the Fireball.
  • Knocked again enemies assaults have their assaults reset.
    • Can be used to modify troop goals.
  • Enemies hit also are in short slowed.

Giant Snowball buffs

  • (10/1) Damage higher through 10%.
  • (10/1) Slow period higher from 2 seconds to 2.5 seconds.

Rascals new card clash royale Supercell


Spawns a mischievous trio of Rascals. The boy takes the lead, whilst the women pelt enemies from at the back of… with slingshots filled with Double Trouble Gum.

Release date: May 25, 2018

  • 5-elixir not unusual to be had in the Jungle Arena and upper.
  • Spawns 3 troops: one Rascal Boy and two Rascal Girls.
    • Rascal Boy is a huge unit with reasonable hp and injury.
    • Rascal Girl is a ranged unit with low hitpoints and reasonable injury.

Rascals nerfs

  • (7/2) Rascal Boy hitpoints diminished through 5.3%.
  • (7/2) Rascal Girl preliminary assault prolong higher.

Clash Royale update historical past

Clash Royale update: September update assessment

Release date: September 5, 2018

The September Clash Royale update provides a number of new options to the sport, in addition to the 5th new card of the yr: the Goblin Giant. He’s a fast new tank card that may battle again in opposition to troops with two spear goblins strapped to his again.

This update additionally introduces industry tokens, which can be utilized to industry playing cards of any rarity along with your clanmates. They are to be had as rewards from War Bounties (examine the ones under) and particular demanding situations. Trade Tokens can be bought from the store. Check out the entire patch notes under.

Clash Royale September Update patch notes

New options

Trade Tokens

  • Trade Tokens permit clanmates to switch playing cards.
  • Cards of any rarity will also be swapped with the corresponding Trade Token.
    • Legendary Trade Token: 1 mythical for 1 mythical.
    • Epic Trade Token: 10 epics for 10 epics.
    • Rare Trade Token: 50 rares for 50 rares.
    • Common Trade Token: 250 commons for 250 commons.
  • Trade Tokens are required to start up the switch, however to not settle for it.
  • They are to be had as rewards in War Bounties and Special Challenges.
    • They can be bought from the store.
  • If a industry is canceled, the Trade Token is returned and can be utilized once more.

War Bounties

  • War Bounties at the moment are rewarded after each and every battle.
    • War Bounties may not be awarded if you don’t take part in battles.
  • They include other quantities of gold and different sweets, together with Trade Tokens.
    • This very much will increase the quantity of gold won from wars.

Goblin Giant

  • A new epic card, Goblin Giant, has been added to the sport.
  • Goblin Giant prices 6 elixir, and will also be discovered in the Jungle Arena and upper.
  • He is a fast paced tank with two Spear Goblins in his backpack.
  • Upon dying, the Spear Goblins come out and proceed preventing.

Other adjustments

Clan wars

  • Crowns earned in War Day and Collection Day battles now rely towards your Crown Chest.
  • You can now take part in 2v2 Collection Day battles even after finishing your whole battles.
  • Game modes for Collection Day battles were modified.

Card ranges

  • Card ranges were adjusted in order that relative energy ranges are the similar throughout card rarities.
  • Minimum card ranges have modified.
    • Common ranges: 1 to 13.
    • Rare ranges: 3 to 13.
    • Epic ranges: 6 to 13.
    • Legendary ranges: 9 to 13.
  • Tournament ranges at the moment are 9 throughout all rarities.


  • Cards in your assortment can now be looked after through stage.
  • Emotes can now be used in extended family chat.
  • Minimum required trophies for clans can now be set as much as 6400.
  • Teammates playing cards and elixir now proven in 2v2 battles through default.
  • King Tower hitpoints are now not obscured.
  • Spectator mode now presentations which participant performed a card in 2v2 battles.
  • A new choice for tournaments and not using a prize has been added, costing 10 gemstones.

Balance updates

Barbarian Barrel

  • Elixir value reduced from 3 to 2.
  • Area injury reduced through 9%.
  • Range reduced from 7 to 5.
  • No longer knocks again.


  • Royal Recruits injury higher through 12%.
  • Prince hitpoints higher through 5%.
  • Lightning injury higher through 5%.


  • Valkyrie hit velocity reduced from 1.4 seconds to 1.6 seconds.
  • Witch hitpoints reduced through 3.5%
  • Royal Hog hit velocity reduced from 1.1 seconds to 1.2 seconds.
  • Cannon Cart vary diminished from 5.5 to 5.
  • Zappies can now not successfully stun lock combatants through staggering their photographs.


  • Bandit is now immune to break whilst speeding slightly than untargetable.
    • This implies that towers will keep locked on after the sprint.

That’s it for our Clash Royale update hub. Be certain to bookmark this newsletter, as we’ll update it over the following few weeks and months with the newest releases. 

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