Chromebooks to become a little safer from hackers with ‘USB Guard’ feature


Leaving your Chromebook unattended in a public position gets a little much less unhealthy quickly. 

A brand new Chrome OS feature, spotted lately by way of ZDNet, will block get right of entry to to the USB port whilst the Chromebook’s display screen is locked. 

This will make it tougher for any individual to set up malware by way of gaining bodily get right of entry to to a locked Chromebook because the device will mechanically reject any USB drives, together with malicious ones. 

Known as a “Rubber Ducky” assault and frequently noticed on TV (for instance, it is prominently used within the ultimate season of Netflix’s ‘House of Cards’), this kind of assault comes to connecting a USB pressure, which incorporates self-installing malware, onto a pc to achieve unauthorized get right of entry to.  Read extra…

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