Candy Farm complete game + Casual Game Support Unity 5.5

Welcome you to the Candy Farm.
A easy tale, Candy Farm is the game integrated within the harvesters, the goodies and the sweet generating. You will play a task of a harvester to make and pack the candy sweet.

Natural variety:
On Candy Farm, it isn’t vital to paintings to reap, simply desire a comfortable contact to the similar colour of goodies which is lied facet by way of facet
(notice: want to have a minimum of 3 similar colour goodies)
Quickly harvest
The play rule is as simple because the game:”nonstop touching”. However, you want to supply and make a connection up to imaginable.
The beef up pieces include time and double rating. Use your gold to shop for them.
Colorful photographs, fascinating sound will stimulate you to play game.
Community connection
You can proportion with the social community reminiscent of leaderboard; fb …

No limition with the ages, you’ll be able to attach tho the communities strongly, why don’t you check out?


  • For a very simple reskin, documentation comprises this data:
  • How to construct supply code (construct android, ios)
  • How to used unfastened gold
  • How to reskin sound and symbol
  • How to arrange the degrees? Mission
  • How to combine Admob, Vungle, Tapjoy