BowWOW: Snapchat just released dog-friendly lenses


That most current of dilemmas — no longer with the ability to make use of the total algorithmic would possibly of Snapchat lenses for your dog significant other — has after all been resolved. 

That’s proper, as of Monday, the characteristic that you just traditionally used to make your self seem like your canine can now be used to make your canine seem like … smartly, a lot of bizarre stuff. Like, for instance, that it has a butterfly on its nostril. 

Importantly, those don’t seem to be human filters that just so occur to paintings for your puppy. Rather, the brand new lenses are particularly supposed to be dropped on canines, and will do thrilling and groundbreaking such things as digitally upload glasses to you pooch. Or a pizza.  Read extra…

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COntributer : Mashable