Best iOS 10.3.2 Jailbreak Lock Screen Apps

As the iOS lock screen makes all important data safe from the outside, it gains our attention. And as it is the first look every time you pick up the phone, it’s time to move forward in it. If you are privileged with Yalu iOS 10 check out a collection of the best Cydia iOS 10.3.2 Tweaks for the lock screen on your iDevices.
While Jailbreak continues a long pause since the release of Yalu102, Hear now receive multiple updates. iOS 10.3.3 recently came across its fourth beta find of iOS 11 with its second developer test. So very soon, none of the developers also have the opportunity to install iOS 11 through a new beta only signed on the official beta test program.

iOS 10.3.2 Jailbreak settings to customize Lock screen

Yalu by keeping a good course in the chapter along with extra_recipe participation in download Cydia iPhone 7 find the interesting settings that are added to the store. As we did meet settings oriented Control Center and Notification Center in previous updates, this time it becomes the lock screen. So here are the top picks for Super Blocking Apple screen customization download Cydia iOS 10.3.2 is the Yalu rights.

Calendar on Lockscreen 2

With all the hectic lifestyle, you can often miss what you marked on the calendar. So to ensure that nothing is lost here by setting a new calendar for upcoming events Lockscreen Calendar 2 comes on the alert screen when the screen is locked and unlocked. It comes for $ 1.99 configuration of the BigBoss Cydia repository also with more colors and other arrangements as well.

ColorFlow 3

Playing on the lock screen is something that you can play with different changes. So Colorflow 3 is a simple adjustment in the aesthetic changes approach now in Cydia for $ 1.99. This brings a new look to the current screen lock interface to get the dominant art color album.


Your lock screen can be set to auto dimming is idle for some time. But if you get CustomLockscreenDuration for free, it will let you set the custom timer out as long as you need to keep the screen awake.

DisplayWeather 10

If you are a fan of iOS display time, this is a must have tweak to get it on the far fingertip. DisplayWeather 10 is a new free Cydia seam that puts a short time widget location information on screen with lock and also in the notification center.


If you’re familiar with Apple Pay, you also have to be impressed with your animation as ID Touch. So if you want to be the same in the iOS version, this is the time for this with LockGlyphX free.


Falcon is a great addition to iOS Jailbreak Tweaks 10 brings super-power notifications and lock screen. In fact, many advanced features for your screen with the Lock Center and reporting features, including a web browser, page change and annotator. So as soon as you slide between the projector page widget and camera, they also come in the option. And because they are supported by Touch ID no one else can take a look at what it does but you. So, you can now take through the BigBoss Cydia repository only for a single payment of $ 1.49.


LockMusic is a simple adjustment that you can take for $ 0.99 to bring light to the music played from the lock screen changes. This redesigns the lock screen, the Now Playing display now brings background check to manage even with one hand. And another notable thing is their display of the album artwork, even when you have outstanding notifications. Then this tweak invents subtle changes for music fans to experience the screen lock.


You look at the lock screen countless times a day. So if you can give a better meaning, it’s worth thousands. So try WeatherLock $ 0.99 from the BigBoss Cydia report to bring the animated background right to your Meteorology application as your wallpaper lock. Then you look at your screen lock, you will be notified time in a different way.


With the Apple Touch ID you rarely find people using the access code. However, for those who still do, a new setting called PassButtonStyle is now Free Download Cydia Rights that provides a compelling style and effect your passcode buttons.


If you are not happy to see art so often square in your iOS, this is the time for a change. Having Spin10 for $ 0.99, you can bring in round illustrations illustrations by now playing on the lock screen to see all the round effect controls. So this is another interesting update of iOS 10.3.2 Jailbreak Tweaks especially for those who love the rounding effect on iDevice that jailbroken.
Now it’s finished publishing Jailbreak iOS 10.3.2 best settings on the side to customize the lock screen. But as Tweaks is getting updates every day, stay with us as usual for another collection of interesting updates Cydia download soon. And we have something missing here, put a heartfelt comment like love what you think of all the updates to Cydia installer.