Batman Arkham Knight (DX11)

This repair used to be made by means of mike_ar69, DarkStarSword and me (DHR). 

– CS Shadows/ Lights
– CS Lights clipping by means of DSS
– Flickering textures
– Halos in results
– Decals
– Reflections
– Models
– PS Shadows/Lights
– PS Point Lights
– Lensflares/Bloom (aproximate)
– Water Shore/rips in some zones
– Object Outlines
– HUD….i separate one by means of one all textures.

TB and SBS Mode (not obligatory):
– The recreation toughen SBS/TB Mode the usage of 3Dmigoto. Remove the “;” within the  “;come with = ShaderFixes3dvision2sbs.ini” of the d3dx.ini. Default TB Mode. F11 to cycle. Also take into account to make use of “HDMI Checkerboard” within the NVCP to take away the 720p limitation.

– “F1” to peer presets

– Disable Nvidia Gamesworks: Enhanced Light Shafts

Know problems:
– There are nonetheless some minor clipping of lighting/shadows, specifically in interiors.
– Some smokes appears to be like somewhat atypical (i play like that and is minor), that is as a result of i’m going with the direction of adjusting with regex some huge PixelShaders that still catch the ones smokes shaders….i understand how to correctly repair it (VS+PS) however this will have to contain to mend manually a large number of shaders (+500).
– Some volumetric lighting that seem time to time…this are shared with others fastened shaders that destroy them, so that is the fewer harming.

– Extract the place BatmanAK.exe is positioned (Batman Arkham KnightBinariesWin64)
– Start the sport, when “Rundll32” advised seem, press “Yes” (in Win10 this do not seem). This is for the Profile Override wanted for this recreation. In Nvidia overlay you’re going to see “3Dfix by means of DHR”.