Are you getting this Phishing/Spam/Deceptive Error on your Site? Easy 5 Minute Solution 100% effective

You are Probably Seeing this error on your main page or on several pages… No Problem Just Follow the tutorial!!!

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Just Follow the Steps and you will get rid of this Phishing/Spam/Deceptive error

If you were testing any phishing scripts or things on your hosting then Follow All steps and in the end after Step 6 Please Look for the detailed solution.

Step 1

1. Go to this URL and submit your website to google webmaster. Click Alternate method and look for meta tag.
2. Google will provide you their own meta tag… Copy it and put it in your Website’s section.
3. Come back to Google Webmaster tools and Click Verify.

Step 2

You will see “Check Property Health” Click it.

Step 3

Now you must see “Malware Detected” Click it.

Step 4

You will be at this page and see that there will be URL Showing Malware. If it’s single URL then look for error in the website’s page. If it’s the whole website find all ads in your website, content, codes, JavaScript’s and try eliminating them one by one in your site. Mostly ADScreate this kind of error or if you are Phishing or Scamming 😠😠😠 MF’s 😉

Step 5

Back to Google Webmaster and write the same thing i did if you don’t have your own brain to write… JK (Just Kidding 🙂 )… In Short just let them know you Fixed the error!!!

Step 6

Wait for Google’s Response!!! They probably respond in 24 hours with Congrats Email.
For Developers and Phishing Testers

If You Are Testing Phishing for educational purposes and you got the phishing error then Just Pack Up all of your files in a zip and delete all files excluding  your zip backup. Why you got this error??? There is a broken HTTPS/HTTP connection between you and the Phishing Sources. Most of the times the Phishing Sellers just delete the sources remotely if it gets leaked.