Apple iPhone Repair Service | Youtube Channel | Kansas City, Missouri

Im here to #help you!

It’s been awhile since I have posted. I have been busy driving around Kansas City helping others with their iPhone’s, iPad’s, and iPod touch’s. But I wanted to introduce my popular Youtube Channel to you guys who follow me. Or give some updates about this new exciting feature. I never thought in my wildest dreams this would be the hit it is. But here we are.

Youtube Channel Intro

Youtube Channel
Kc iPhone Doctors Youtube Channel

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What is it I do?

I travel around the Kansas City area. Helping people by repairing their cracked or broken or cracked iPhone’s iPads and iPod Touch’s LCD or Glass Screens.

What are the iPhone problems I can fix?

Virtually any iPhone Problem or Cracked Screen. I can repair your cracked or broken screen or buttons, and in general just about anything wrong with your iPhone. But my same day repair service is usually reserved for Cracked screen repairs. It’s a case by case basis. Just check with me.

What can I not repair the same day?

That depends on the issue, it’s still a case by case basis.
More info-
Most likely the U2 IC chip malfunction. It’s a charging issue that makes your iPhone behave in a intermittently. You will not be able to use your iPhone because it will shut off show the apple logo and then go blank and black out. Then when you plug it in it will start all over. And will not allow you to use your iPhone normally. But check with me so I am able to see if this is the issue.

Another issue I can not repair on site is iPhone6 or 6+ touch disease. But check with me and I can have it repaired for you if you like. It’s more of a slow repair service. But no doubt I can have it done for you.

What can I repair on the iPads?

Virtually everything. Most circumstances I can repair your broken or cracked screen or buttons, LCD black outs. And if its something questionable check with me. And I probably can have it repaired by me or one of our partners.

Can I repair the iPod Touchs?

Yes! Usually I only repair the iPod Touch’s by appointment only. And it is normally not a same day repair. We out source some of our iPod Touch repairs when they are the iPod Touch 5th gens and above. But check with me and I am sure to point you in the right direction or have it repaired for you.

 Just to be clear. I usually can not repair the newest iPhones iPad or iPod touch that just come out. It usually takes a few months before I am able to start accepting these repair. It really depends on a case by case basis. But check with me. I will let your know if I am able or not.