Android UCI engine replace: CT800 1.20

CT800 is a median stage engine launched via Ratmus Althoff who not too long ago focused on compiling for Android and after all controlled to procure operating binaries.

CT800, in reality, used to be born as a devoted chess laptop thought and it used to be designed via Rasmus Althoff.  The authentic CT800 featured an ARM Cortex M4 microcontroller of an Olimex H405 board that operates as much as 168 Mhz, with 1 MB of flash reminiscence, 192+4 kB of SRAM, and a couple of I/O and USB connectors, with a 4×20 personality textual content show, two leds, and a 4×4 + 1 keypad as peripherals aka person interface. Voltage supply is because of four NiMH rechargeable AA batteries or exterior 5 V DC energy provide.

The “chess laptop” CT800
CT800’s firmware is evolved via Rasmus Althoff, launched underneath the GPL Version 3. The chess taking part in tool is an ARM port of George Georgopoulos’ open supply engine NG-play together with a KPK bitbase via Marcel van Kervinck.
GET CT800 1.20 for arm7 and arm8

Previous strong model used to be:
GET CT800 1.12 for arm7

Development variations from 1.12 to 1.20 had been:
GET CT800 1.20p11 for arm7 and arm8
GET CT800 1.20p13 for arm7 and arm8
GET CT800 1.20p14 for arm7 and arm8
GET CT800 1.20p15 for arm7 and arm8

In case of bother downloading from PC, use your cellular or check with THIS POST.