Android UCI engine replace: armFish 2018.02.11 to 2018.02.19

ArmFish is a challenge in accordance with the meeting code to reach the absolute best pace with Stockfish engine. Numerous updates have rained right through February, so regularly that i believed it will be more straightforward to percentage all of them in combination, in one publish.

ArmFish and MateFish are supplied aspect through aspect, making an allowance for that MateFish is a particular model of ArmFish, devoted to in finding mating assaults faster quite than breaking ELO information.

GET armFish 2018.02.11.LA for arm8
GET armFish 2018.02.11.CP for arm8
GET mateFish 2018.02.11.LA for arm8
GET mateFish 2018.02.11.CP for arm8

GET armFish 2018.02.13 for arm8
GET mateFish 2018.02.13 for arm8

GET armFish 2018.02.14 for arm8
GET mateFish 2018.02.14 for arm8
GET armFish 2018.02.15 for arm8
GET mateFish 2018.02.15 for arm8
GET armFish 2018.02.19 for arm8
GET mateFish 2018.02.19 for arm8

In case of bother dowloading from PC, use your cellular or refer to THIS POST.