Android Games • Quantum Contact: A Space Adventure v2.07 (Paid)

Quantum Contact: A Space Adventure v2.07 (Paid)

Requirements: 4.1
Overview: After scientists came upon ship a easy quantum message, an surprising misery name arrived as knowledge from outdoor the scientists programs, and outdoor our sun device.


As the mysterious knowledge is deciphered, you may have been assigned as send commander to answer the misery name on a specialised craft. Your first undertaking is to discover one of Jupiter’s moons.

Quantum Contact: Jupiter Mission is a one-man evolved single-player indie recreation that includes semi-procedurally-generated moon caverns, a singular science fiction tale, characters, and soundtrack. The recreation options 0 in-app purchases and nil pay-to-win components and lifelike imagery the use of public area NASA imagery. Search and in finding cavern pieces and go back to the station to improve your explorer commute and evaluate your undertaking with the Captain. Become a professional pilot with 3 other problem recreation modes as you descend into and discover quite a lot of caverns. Game controller give a boost to to be had.

Bugfix: couldn’t bounce to alpha-centauri.
Bugfix: modified gem verbiage.
Bugfix: captain skipped to go out.
Adjusted tune document structure for caverns tune.
Changed how tune performs in caverns.
Bugfix: once in a while getting into digger tunnels.
Bugfix: undertaking to KBO can’t be taken.
Bugfix: aborting floor/cave loops.

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