After more than a decade of using iPhones, I finally switched to Android — but I only lasted 3 days before switching back

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  • My spouse and I were diehard Apple customers for so long as we will take into account, and we have solely used iPhones since in a while after the primary one got here out in 2007.
  • When it got here time to retire our iPhone 6S units this yr, we determined to give Google’s Android working device a check out.
  • While I fell in love with the OnePlus 6T and Android’s customizability and intuitiveness, my spouse determined to go back her telephone and turn back after only three days. The wrongdoer: She could not surrender iMessage.
  • I requested her to percentage her viewpoint, which she’s given under.

My spouse, Annie, and I are what it’s possible you’ll name Day One Apple customers. But in September, we switched to Android. After three days she used to be back on her iPhone, whilst I don’t assume I’ll ever go back. As anyone who’s extremely joyful with the transfer, I requested her to provide an explanation for why she determined now not to transfer. She stocks her reasoning right here:

I’ve used Apple merchandise and Mac computer systems eternally, from the MacE-book my oldsters purchased me before keeping off to college, to a couple of iterations of iPads and iPhones, beginning with the primary iteration and proceeding in the course of the 3GS, 4S, 5S, and the 6S.

On the remaining improve cycle, I held out for so long as conceivable.

Harrison and I left our lifestyles in New York at the back of nine months in the past to shuttle around the globe complete time for Business Insider. Traveling with a brand-new telephone gave the impression of a unhealthy concept, specifically after we thought to be that Apple’s top-of-the-line choices — the iPhone X and its successor, the XS — felt ridiculously priced, at $999.

But after we returned to New York in September, we each had to admit that it used to be time to retire our iPhone 6S units. Both of our telephones had stopped keeping anything else reminiscent of a affordable rate, calls and repair have been losing often, and the cameras felt extraordinarily old-fashioned.

Harrison advised we strive switching over to Android as a result of of the supply of top quality price range telephones that we would not concern about breaking or shedding whilst touring. 

At first we appeared on the price range choices and settled at the $230 Moto G6, which many say is the peak price range telephone at this time. Harrison ordered two of them on Amazon, as a result of of its simple go back coverage, and we each switched over excitedly when the telephones arrived two days later.

But whilst Harrison adjusted temporarily to Android, speaking up the customizability and intuitiveness of the platform, I by no means did. Like Harrison, I used to be ready to get my telephone temporarily up and working with all of the primary apps I use (Instagram, WeChat, WhatsApp, Spotify, and many others.), but there used to be one app lacking that simply wasn’t to be had on Android.

Giving up iMessage is an excessive amount of of a ache for me

iMessage iOS 11

I could not surrender iMessage.

By embedding its locked-in messaging device into the default SMS app, Apple became each iOS consumer into a devoted iMessage consumer. Many do not even notice that they’re using an immediate messaging carrier as a substitute of SMS.

As maximum of my family and friends are on iOS — and everybody is outwardly allergic to the “inexperienced bubbles” — I used to be within the unenviable place of making an attempt to convince my circle to use WhatsApp.

For me, this used to be a deal breaker. WhatsApp is a some distance inferior messaging carrier, with few of the embedded apps and purposes iMessage has.

My oldsters, now not probably the most tech-savvy other folks on this planet, did not need to have to obtain WhatsApp for our weekly catch-up video chats. FaceTime used to be some distance more intuitive and dependable.

Then I began enthusiastic about the a large number of staff chats I have already got established with pals on iMessage.

Android customers will most probably scoff on the so-called “inexperienced bubble” downside. I’m the primary to admit that the concept pals is not going to need to textual content you as a result of you might have inexperienced bubbles is ridiculous.

When teams of pals are already engaged in a long-running iMessage staff chat, the creation of an Android consumer is disruptive. Suddenly, the crowd chat will get separated into a million particular person SMS-MMS threads, till you get every particular person individual to repair the issue of their settings.

Then you upload in the truth that each of us are out of the United States for many of the yr. SMS-MMS staff chats rack up pricey fees with every message, while iMessage — as an immediate messaging carrier, quite than SMS — prices not anything. It’s now not so simple as everybody accepting the golf green bubbles.

Within two days, I used to be researching my choices to go back the Moto G6 and what types of iPhones I may purchase. When Harrison opted to go back the G6 and determined to acquire the OnePlus 6T as a result of of its some distance awesome digital camera, it used to be the general straw.

If he used to be going to spend $580 at the 6T, I reasoned, why now not simply spend a couple additional hundred to get the iPhone XR, a telephone that I could be in reality proud of?

I’m the primary to admit that it comes down to familiarity. I’ve used iOS eternally, have already got my footage synced with, and use a MacE-book and an iPad for paintings. 

With the iPhone XR priced at $750, the cost distinction of a couple hundred dollars wasn’t sufficient for me to surrender all that, plus it comes with the benefit of shifting information and footage with AirDrop, answering iMessages on my laptop or iPad, and now not having to hassle with Android’s finding out curve.

That used to be sufficient of a deal breaker for me. I’m certain it could be for lots of others, too, and that is the reason what Apple is reckoning on.

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